As a nationwide business with full-production capabilities, we are always happy to support small businesses with restroom rentals. What is fascinating about the business economy is the ability to thrive on a local, national, and international level depending on your preferences.
Over the years, we have worked with a number of small businesses to support their restroom needs, from companies throwing the holiday party to those who want to get into the restroom rental business themselves. We firmly believe in supporting our fellow business people and are always happy to partner with a wide range of companies, from those who work in an industry that is opposite ours to those who are interested in the same industry as us.
A perfect example of a small business we had the joy of partnering with was a fellow restroom rental company, the Lovely Loo. They too realize the need for luxury restroom rentals to make a temporary bathroom experience satisfactory, and after learning about this company’s needs, we were happy to help out.


Lovely Loo was founded by Bo Strange in 2013. A Florida native, he is passionate about his community and started contributing to it at a young age. When he was in his teens, Bo volunteered as a lifeguard and firefighter, happy to help out and support those doing good in his town.
As he grew up, he knew that he wanted to be a business owner who could provide for those who were in his community. He decided that offering an upscale restroom rental option to local companies, events, and venues was a unique way to service those in his region.
So began Lovely Loo, a company that would offer luxury restroom rentals to the local region, now including St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Brevard County, Ocala, Vero Beach, and South Georgia. From local events to FBI agents stationed in the area, he has grown his business and built up a clientele that values an elevated restroom experience.
Despite being a local business, the Lovely Loo’s inventory is quite large. They provide portable restroom rentals of a wide range, from small unisex units that are perfect for private parties to large ten station trailers built for the high volume usability needed at places like festival venues and arenas.
We applaud Bo’s success in starting his family business and are happy to see him continue to grow. To keep inventory up, the Lovely Loo works with portable restroom trailer suppliers to bring him his inventory, so when he was looking to purchase, he found us.


As purely a restroom rental company, Lovely Loo needed a portable restroom trailer supplier that they could trust. They knew that their local market had a need for restroom rentals and wanted to provide a luxurious restroom option. As manufacturers of restroom trailers, we were happy to help.
To service their local clients, Lovely Loo needed a restroom rental that was ADA-accessible and could handle a medium volume of use. Given their need, we suggested the ADA Shower Trailer Combo +2 Restroom, Oahu Series. This 20 foot restroom rental is fitted with a 135 gallon fresh water tank and 300 gallon waste tank. The exterior is simple and cleanly designed, reinforced to prevent scratches and dents. Each suite is accessible by sturdy, aluminum steps and rails for safety, and the ADA suite comes with a short ramp for easy wheelchair access.

The exterior is clean and durable, built with scratch and dent-proof material. Each suite of this restroom rental is completely private with separate entrances for each. The outside of each door comes with ample lighting to ensure that access is safe no matter what time day or night.
Guests are greeted with a clean designer interior, each equipped with a shower, flushing china toilet, sink vanity, and mirror. The ADA suite, which is also spacious enough to double as a family restroom suite, is designed to make both the shower and toilet accessible for all with disabilities. The unit is also equipped with grab rails for further assistance. The ADA restroom suite can lower to the ground with the touch of a button, making access easy and allowing for a shorter ramp that takes up a much smaller footprint.
To ensure guests are always comfortable, this ADA restroom rental has air conditioning and heat strips to guarantee that the temperature stays comfortable no matter what outside weather is like. The insulated walls and ceiling further aid in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.
The Oahu Series restroom rental also comes with the Smarter Restrooms App. This allows unit operators to manage the system remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The app helps managers to check fresh water and waste tank levels, unit temperature, and power. This feature makes managing any shower trailer for rent easier and accessible for those who may not be familiar with portable restroom trailers.
Altogether, this compact restroom rental is perfect for a business that values safety, elegance, and accessibility for all. It was the perfect solution for our local partner, and they were able to provide their client with a restroom rental option that fit their needs.
What are you working on? From vacation resorts to the workplace, concerts to weddings, we are here to supply the best and most upscale restroom rental options in the industry. Tell us about your upcoming project and let us find you the perfect restroom solution!