Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is located in Chicago, Illinois and was built in 1914. It wasn’t until 1927 that it officially became known as Wrigley Field. Prior to that it had been known as Weeghman Park and Cubs Park. Wrigley Field is most known for three iconic features.iStock_000016067390Small
The first feature is the ivy covered brick outfield. The ivy was first planted in 1937 by general manager Bill Veeck in an effort to “beautify” the bleachers. Since then the ivy has remained an outfield attraction. The red marquee is also one of the most familiar external structures at Wrigley Field. It was installed in 1934 and started out green. It was then changed to blue and finally in March 1960 made the famous red it is now. The third renowned feature of the park is the hand turned scoreboard. Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park are the only two ball parks that still use hand-turned scoreboards.
Chicago’s famous ballpark is now undergoing some renovations. In order to supply restrooms for the workers, a restroom trailer was purchased by Pepper Construction, located in Chicago, but will be stationed at the ballpark. The portable restroom was customized in forest green to match the ambiance of the ballpark. It is a 3-Unit Elite series trailer with an arctic package. It is equipped with two toilets and one urinal, the perfect size for use by the construction crew. The Elite series provides comfort and convenience while remaining clean, safe, and efficient.
The arctic package is essential since the fall and winter months are fast approaching. This package protects the pipes and tanks from freezing throughout the windy, chilly months. The trailers are made with heating ducts throughout the trailer, as well as special antifreeze gel that flows through the pipes to prevent freezing. When the cold settles in, the arctic package will make it possible for the renovations to continue safely and comfortably.
Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to be able to help with the renovations of such an iconic establishment.