Visit your community pools, favorite water parks, lakes, and other tops summer spots soon - Fall is right around the corner! The weather is teasing us with days that are a little cooler than the typical summer temperatures, leaves are changing colors, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. It’s time for chilly weather activities, and our restroom trailer rentals are here to make your fall destination as comfortable as possible.

For anyone who owns or manages a hot fall destination like wineries, orchards, pumpkin patches, and more, finding a convenient restroom option for guests can be difficult, especially one that can allow for social distancing during COVID-19. This is where our bathroom trailer rentals can assist. Many of these fall destinations are large with acres of land, and having one brick-and-mortar restroom is simply not enough. Sometimes are restroom emergency arises, and having to hike back to the entrance or front of the property can be an inconvenience.

With bathroom trailer rentals, you can provide an elegant restroom option in an accessible location on your property in addition to that restroom at the front. Adding our restroom trailers also allows for mose social distancing, ensuring that everyone who needs safe access to the restroom has it. No need to close up shop for restroom construction, and no need to break the bank in the process. Below, we have handpicked great restroom options for four of our favorite destinations. Take a look and see which choice might be an ideal fit for you. 


restroom trailer rentals for orchards

Orchards are bustling this time of year, and we can understand why. These gorgeous venues are filled with nature’s beauty, and getting to go out, explore, and pick your favorite apples are always fun fall activities. Given the range in crowd that an orchard owner will see throughout the day, a restroom option that can keep up is necessary. Since this big increase in visitors is only seasonal, upgrading the brick-and-mortar restroom is an unnecessary cost.

Restroon trailer rentals are the perfect solution. For an orchard, we recommend the 8 Station Classic Series, a unit capable of handling any crowd with ease and with simple, elegant interior design that compliments the natural ambiance of the outdoors. 


restroom trailer rentals for vineyards

This crowd is usually a bit more upscale despite the outdoors-y vibe. Vineyards always have beautiful locations, from mountains to seaside, and it’s a perfect stay-cation during autumn weekends. There are a wide variety of reasons that a vineyard might need restroom trailer rentals. Vineyard tours take visitors far away from the brick-and-mortar restroom, a large group may need restroom service more than your bathroom can provide, and more.

That’s why renting a restroom trailer is an easy, affordable solution that does not compromise the ambiance of your winery. Units like the 7 Station Royal Series are a perfect fit for your elegant crowd. We take time to ensure that every detail of its interior design says VIP.

Pumpkin Patch

A fun little weekend getaway for friends and families of all ages, pumpkin patches are a top destination during the fall season. Ranging in size and with a wide variety of activities, this is easily a location where you can spend the day basking in the cool breeze, finding the perfect pumpkin, and enjoying fun treats like caramel apples and blueberry donuts.

For the diverse crowd that a pumpkin patch manager will inevitably see, we recommend the ADA +4 Station Oahu Series. This ADA-compliant restroom trailer rentals ensure that everyone who needs access to the restroom has it, and the large suite also doubles great as a family restroom. 

Harvest Festivals, Haunted Houses, and other Fall Events

fall rental bathroom trailers

The number one priority of event venues like these is the ability to service a large volume of users. Depending on location, there may not be a restroom option provided at all, and porta potties can negatively affect visitor experience.

This is why we design restroom trailer rentals that are large, portable, and upscale. You can transport them to any location, like abandoned warehouses used for haunted houses or fields decorated for harvest festivals. For these events, we recommend the 13 Station Key West Sunset Series, a portable unit that handles those big crowds with ease. 

Get Your Restroom Trailer Rentals

luxury portable bathrooms

We are glad that we have been here to assist a variety of businesses with restroom trailer rentals. Clean and accessible restrooms may seem like a low priority, but in reality, they are necessary and can provide a little comfort and solace during a busy day. 

If these portable restrooms for rent seem like solutions for your fall destination, request a quote to get your rental process started. 

Need a little more inspiration? Browse our full inventory of rentals here and contact us to see what is currently available.