Restroom Trailers for California Fire Relief

restroom trailers for CA wildfires
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Restroom Trailers for California Fire Relief

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those affected by the California fires. As seasoned first responders, we are currently on standby with restroom trailers for organizations and companies going in to help search, rescue, and repair.

As the fires continue to burn, the air quality in towns and cities all over the state has drastically changed. In areas far from the fires like Sacramento and San Francisco, the smoke is so bad that residents are recommended to add filters to their masks when outside. The sky remains gray throughout the day and smoke hangs in the air like a heavy fog. 

The air is particularly dangerous for those with respiratory issues like asthma. Health professionals urge Californians to stay indoors and do without long periods of time outdoors. 

Despite the destruction, hope continues to persevere. Inspiring stories of neighbors helping those in need, animal rescues, and more continue to fill our news feed. 

As leading providers of restroom trailers, we are ready to partner with organizations who will help with fire rescues and clean-up. 

We often take small everyday tasks like using the restroom for granted in everyday life, but for these survivors, our restroom rentals will provide the comfort of simplicity. We hope to supply as many organizations as we can with amenities like shower and laundry trailers as well.

If you work with an organization who will be onsite during recovery, please contact us. We are ready and able to provide aid in record time. See some options below.

Restroom Trailers for Fire Aid and Relief

  1. 2 Station Malibu Comfort Series

small restroom trailers

The 2 Station Malibu Comfort is a compact yet dependable option. These portable bathrooms come with one men’s and one women’s suit, and includes with all of the amenities of a home bathroom in a small, flexible option. It is also perfect for those on a smaller budget.

  1. 4 Station Coastal Series

medium restroom trailers

The 4 Station Coastal provides a luxurious restroom option for your employees and volunteers. Each suite can service two visitors at a time, and ample porch lighting allows for easy and safe access no matter what time, day or night. With a nautical interior design theme as a finishing touch, this is one of our restroom trailers that is ideal for facilities with a more upscale environment.

  1. 6 Station Classic Series

restroom trailers for nonprofits

For those who need a no muss no fuss, durable and dependable restroom option, the 6 Station Classic is perfect for you. Perfect for medium sized companies or organizations that require a little more restroom service, this style of restroom trailers gets the job done. Durability does not mean we ignored interior design - this is a trailer fit for nonprofit board members and beginner volunteers alike. 

  1. 11 Station Combo Classic Series - Male Dominant

restroom trailers for large organizations

For large organizations, our 11 Station restroom trailers are ideal. For many companies and organizations, especially firefighters, the male-to-female ratio differs significantly, and this can have an impact on restroom availability. The male dominant 11 Station Classic is designed with this in mind, ensuring that the employees who need restroom access have it. The clean and simple interior greets guests and provides a comfortable and pleasant experience. 

  1. 10 Station Comfort Series

For large facilities who need to service hundreds of employees and volunteers a day, this is the portable restroom trailer rental for you. With five stations in both the men’s and women’s suites, access is efficient and easy for your employees and staff. This trailer is also equipped with basic restroom amenities like running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors, and ample lighting. 

We hope that these options fit the needs of your nonprofit organization! If you want to keep looking, browse our full collection of restroom trailers available for rent.

Ready to book your trailer? Request a quote or contact us to get the process started. 

How You Can Help

There are many organizations who are currently working to provide for those in need. Here are some ways you can help them:

  • American Red Cross workers have set up temporary shelters across the state. You can donate to support their efforts by visiting their website or texting REDCROSS to 90999. 
  • To support both immediate and long term needs for wildfire relief, donate to the California Community Foundations wildfire fund. This is one of the best ways to guarantee that your donation goes to wildfire aid specifically
  • Global Giving is an organization well-known for their nonprofit vetting process, ensuring that funds raised go directly to aiding those affected. Their Wildfire Relief Fund is another guaranteed way to provide help. 
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