Restroom Trailers for Rent that Support Warehouses

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Restroom Trailers for Rent that Support Warehouses

Warehouse operations help the modern world go 'round. They manage the packages that we buy online and ensure they get sent out smoothly. They manufacture goods that we use daily and provide storage for many companies. Without strong warehouse operations, many industries would fail. We are proud to support warehouse staff and managers with a wide variety of restroom trailers for rent to choose from.

We have partnered with many companies that operate warehouses in the past and know that employee care is important. Ensuring that, despite being in drafty warehouses, the work environment is comfortable and humane is high on the priority list. The bathroom tends to play a major role. It’s an inevitable part of every employee’s day. Make sure they have a comfortable place to go with restroom trailers for rent. Here are our recommendations.

large restroom trailers for rent

2 Station Luxury

While the warehouse is typically a casual work environment, every once in a while you may have an executive-level visitor or board members who’d like to tour the facilities. In this case, your restroom option needs to impress. The 2 Station Luxury Series is a bathroom trailer rental customized to impress high-level guests, so you can be sure that every corner of your warehouse stands out.

6 Station Classic

For a small extension of your brick-and-mortar restroom, you can rent a portable restroom like the 6 Station Classic Series. Its elegant design is simple but not over the top, perfect for employees looking to enjoy a comfortable working environment. With a climate-controlled interior and insulated walls and ceiling, it can handle extreme temperatures while ensuring visitors enjoy a comfortable visit. 

ADA +8 Station Oahu

Inclusiveness is a crucial part of business thinking. This means that taking added steps to ensure that all employees, no matter what disabilities they have, are provided with an accessible restroom option. The ADA +8 Station Oahu Series is a bathroom trailer rental that has options for everyone and is an affordable solution when upgrades or renovations are underway. 

10 Station Calypso

For large companies that see hundreds of employees a day, the 10 Station Calypso Series is an ideal bathroom trailer rental. Equipped to handle up to 750 visitors before needing maintenance, this unit provides an extensive restroom option that lowers wait time significantly. Guaranteed to help ensure all who need access to the restroom have it in a timely manner, it’s a fit for busy warehouses that need to make the most out of every minute. 

Get Your Restroom Trailers for Rent

variety of restroom trailers for rent

Does one of these rentals look like a good fit for your warehouse operations? If so, request a quote and begin your rental process. Our sales team is on standby and ready to help you get your restroom trailers for rent as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Need a few more options? Continue to browse our rentals here, or contact us to get more information about our products.

We are here to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible al year round. Rent a restroom trailer and make sure that your staff, both temporary and permanent, are well taken care of! 

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