iStock_000019048873XSmallAtlantic City isn’t just known for its casinos, but also for the boardwalk and beach. Just like any beach community, the summer months are crucial for businesses in the surrounding area. So when something goes wrong that prevents a business from running smoothly, a solution needs to be established rather quickly.
A well known restaurant on the beach in Atlantic City, NJ recently called Portable Restroom Trailers for help. They were in need of larger restroom facilities…and fast since they weren’t able to do business until they had an adequate amount of restrooms for guests to use.
Fortunately we were able to come up with the proper combination of restroom trailers in order to provide a solution that would work for everyone. We combined the ADA+2 unit with the Elite II unit to ensure the proper amount of restrooms, appropriate size, and compact space so the restaurant could reopen for business.
The ADA+2 restroom trailer is a handicap accessible unit that is compliant with government standards. It includes one men’s suite, one women’s suite, and one oversized unisex handicap accessible suite, all with flushable toilets and running water for hand washing. This portable restroom unit can lower to the ground and comes with a slip-resistant ramp for ultimate safety.
The Elite II offers a separate men’s and women’s suite with locking doors and vacancy light for ultimate privacy. Each suite includes a full vanity, large mirror, and built in trash receptacle for maximum cleanliness.
Restroom trailers are a quick and practical solution for businesses that need to act fast. Their mobility and compact size makes relocating easy and convenient. Portable Restroom Trailers is dedicated to helping businesses with facility solutions such as this. That’s why within 48 hours of the restaurant’s plea for help, both restroom trailers were up and running in their new location, and the restaurant is now open for business!