Today is Halloween! Traditionally, most cities and towns have children running around in costume trick-or-treating for goodies, and some towns may even have a Halloween parade. The trick for parents is keeping your family and friends safe while they are gathering their treats.
While out walking around town, there are some things you canScarved jack-o-lanterns do to help keep everyone safe, healthy, and having fun.

  •   Carry hand wipes or sanitizer – Since the kiddos will be touching different things as they walk around, hand wipes or sanitizer will help keep germs at bay while they snack on treats.
  •  Bring a flashlight – As it gets dark throughout the evening, spotting hazardous items such as pipes, rocks, or decorations that kids could trip on will get more difficult. Carrying a flashlight will help everyone better identify dangerous objects, as well as identify you.
  •   Have the kids wear glow jewelry – Glow jewelry is fun to wear any time. You can buy bracelets, necklaces, or sticks that can attach to you or go around your neck. Plus, it gives parents the added benefit of being able to see where the kids are, too.
  •   Pack an extra treat bag – In order to avoid a major breakdown because someone’s bag ripped or bucket broke, pack a couple of extra plastic bags. No one wants to miss out on the fun of gathering the treats.
  •  Carry necessary medications – If your child has any allergies or health issues like asthma, don’t forget to take all the necessary medications they may need. You never know when you might need it.
  •   Bring some water – If you’re going to be walking around for a couple of hours, chances are someone is going to get thirsty…especially if there’s a lot of sugar being consumed.
  •   Look for a restroom trailer – Depending on your location, you might be going to an outdoor event, such as a parade or trick-or-treating at stores down a main street. If so, chances are the stores won’t want you going inside to use their restrooms. As well, if you will be at an event inside, hopefully there will be a restroom trailer on the premises.

Restroom trailers provide a clean, safe, and private atmosphere with plenty of room to maneuver, even with a costume. They contain fresh water to wash hands with, soap, and flushable toilets. They are well lit, and secure. And they can even be decorated for such an occasion as this!

Portable Restroom Trailers wishes everyone a safe, fun, happy, and bellyache-free Halloween!