For many people, public restrooms are a place to go out of necessity and convenience. For the restaurant chain Modern Toilet, they are a destination. Restaurants in China, Japan, and now California are sitting their customers down on toilet seats and delivering them a restroom themed dining experience.
By riNux [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Modern Toilet is a chain of restaurants in China and Japan that all share the toilet theme. Patrons sit on toilet seats and the rest of the dining area is decorated to feel like a bathroom. The restroom themed food is served in toilet shaped bowls and urinal shaped cups. The novelty is apparently a huge hit in their markets!
We’ll see if the unique décor is as successful in America. The first toilet themed restaurant hit the states in L.A.’s City of Industry last month. The Magic Restroom Café is a Taiwanese food restaurant that follows the same restroom theme as the Modern Toilets it was inspired by. Their menu includes items like “Golden Poop Rice” and “Stinky Tofu”.
Portable Restroom Trailers has always focused on improving the restroom experience for our customers. Now, restaurants like Modern Toilet and Magic Restroom Café are celebrating that experience.
If you live near one of these restroom themed eateries please let us know how it is. We’d hate to see you flush away a chance to experience a unique restaurant because you’re always going to the same old sites.