The Dolphin Research Center’s mission is to promote the peaceful coexistence between marine mammals, humans, and the environment we share. Portable Restroom Trailers’ mission is to promote the peaceful coexistence of construction crews and the many visitors the research center receives.
Starting next month, the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, FL will be under renovation for a year. The Center purchased a portable restroom trailer to provide their guests with restrooms while their current restrooms are under construction.
Az-Portable-restrooms-trailer-3-station-comfort-series1The Dolphin Research Center was originally opened as Santini’s Porpoise Training School by fisherman Milton Santini in the 1940s. After going through several owners, the Dolphin Research Center was officially founded by Jayne and Mandy Rodriguez in 1984 as a non-profit organization. Their goal was to create a place where the public could learn about marine life and young people could train and develop their skills for a career caring for and training dolphins.
For visitors, the Dolphin Research Center offers a variety of activities. These activities include educational options such as observing dolphin research, chatting with trainers, and seeing live trainer presentations. There are also many fun activities including a family Sprayground, the Veterans Garden, and onsite dining. The Center will offer even more when their renovations are complete next year.
To keep the center open and keep their many guests comfortable during their stay, Portable Restroom Trailers has supplied a Comfort Elite restroom trailer. This trailer can support up to 550 guests. It includes four unisex private restroom suites and an attached wheelchair accessible bathroom suite.
As a wheelchair accessible facility, it was important for the Dolphin Research Center to have a restroom trailer that was ADA compliant. The new ADA Plus 4 Portable Restroom Trailer includes a ramp leading to a spacious bathroom with wheelchair accessibility and easy-to-use door handles and push buttons. Additionally, the hydraulics allows the entire restroom trailer to be lowered to ground level to make for a very easy entrance for all of the center’s guests.