Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC supports dynamic therapeutic treatment facility with portable restrooms for rent. People have been riding horses for thousands of years.  Horses have played an important role throughout human civilization – helping to enable the development of agriculture, trade, and long-distance transportation.  But did you know that horseback riding also has a long history as a therapeutic treatment for medical and mental conditions?
It’s called hippotherapy, and people have been doing it for a very long time.  There is evidence that the technique was used in ancient Greece to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers.  Hippotherapy was introduced in the United States in the 1960s, and it continues to be used today as a therapy for children and adults with special needs.
Because the motion of a horse’s gait is physiologically similar to the experience of walking, it is beneficial for those who cannot walk on their own.  After experiencing the rhythm of a horseback ride, individuals with special needs often show improvements in their own balance, flexibility, and strength.  Riding also offers a unique opportunity for those with mobility impairments to experience the fresh air and open spaces of the great outdoors, which can have positive effects on their mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Colorado

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The idea of hippotherapy has established a strong foothold in the state of Colorado.  Horseback riding is a popular activity among tourists who want to experience the amazing scenery of the state first-hand, and it is an important piece of the state’s tourism economy.  As hippotherapy has grown in popularity, therapeutic riding centers have been established throughout the mountainous central and western regions of Colorado.
One challenge that comes along with therapeutic horseback riding is the need to install accessible restroom facilities for riders with special needs – sometimes in very remote and inaccessible locations.  While this might sound impossible to some, PRT has become quite accustomed to providing sanitary and accessible ADA portable restrooms for rent in the most challenging settings.

Bridging the Gap with ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

We were honored to receive a call recently from one of Colorado’s premier therapeutic riding centers.  The center’s management was a little skeptical that they would be able to find the right solution for their unique challenge.  But we assured them that PRT wouldn’t have any trouble providing a comfortable and convenient experience for their clientele with a fully compliant ADA restroom.
Our ADA portable restrooms for rent are built with accessibility and mobility as top priorities.  The ADA suites in our portable restrooms feature a folding external ramp with 1 ¼-inch stainless steel handrails.  And these units use a hydraulic lift system to conveniently lower the entire trailer to ground level with the push of a button.
Each of our ADA suites is large enough to allow a full 360-degree turning radius for standard-sized wheelchairs.  The walls around the toilet have assistance grab rails, and the toilet itself has a convenient push-button flush mechanism.  Every aspect of our ADA suites is fully compliant, from the high clearance sink to the locking external door handle.  These features are the reason why our ADA portable restrooms for rent are the leading units on the market today.

Enhanced Mobility for Extreme Locations

A PRT portable restroom can be easily installed in any location that is accessible by a standard towing vehicle.  Our convenient “hitch & tow” design incorporates electric brakes and battery-powered runaway protection.  All units come equipped with high-capacity fresh water and waste tanks.  They can be powered by standard electrical supplies or onboard generators.
A roof-mounted air conditioner and integrated thermal heat strips provide year-round comfort in all seasons.  We use the most durable components to ensure that our restrooms remain comfortable and low-maintenance in any climate.  The top of the trailer is constructed from a single piece of roof membrane which comes with a 12-year warranty.  And the entire trailer is insulated from the outdoors by our patented no-dust frame system.
And of course, every ADA restroom that we ship comes complete with all the high-end components and finishes that you expect from a PRT portable restroom.  Your guests will appreciate the real China flushable toilets, framed glass mirrors, and fresh hot water to wash their hands.

ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent with Flexible Financing Options

We maintain an extensive inventory of new and used ADA portable restrooms for rent in an array of different sizes and floor plans.  The Comfort Elite ADA + 4-Station restroom that we delivered to the equestrian center in Colorado has 3 suites – men’s, women’s and ADA.  But we have several different configurations available to accommodate any situation.
CH337577-floorplan.jpgWe offer long-term rentals, low-rate financing, and a lease-to-own program.  Between our flexible financing options and our diverse inventory – we’re able to provide the perfect portable restroom for almost every application.  Give us a call today at (866) 248-2933 to speak with our customer satisfaction team about our industry-leading ADA portable restrooms for rent.