When it comes to managing an event or project, it seems that nothing runs from start to finish without something going at least a little bit south. Whether it’s a mistake with the caterer, an incorrect meeting reservation, missing equipment, and other nuances that come with the job, something at some point will simply go wrong. There is no such thing as a perfectly run project or event - what separates the good managers from the great is how those mistakes are handled. 

Anticipating those things that go wrong make you an excellent manager, especially when it comes to events and special projects. Ensuring that you have access to the necessary contacts, tools, and resources that can save an event from those mistakes is a big part of the job. That’s why we are proud to partner with managers and provide bathroom trailer rental units when needed. When all else goes wrong, the last thing you want to worry about is the bathroom. Many outdoor venues may not have an upscale option, and offsite work projects may take your team to locations where a restroom is not provided.

It’s our job to make sure that you are equipped in the sanitation department. Here are three ways that a bathroom trailer rental can literally save your project or event.

1. Suprise! There is no Bathroom

We have seen it happen before. An event planner arrives onsite for the big day. They begin getting set up, everything seems to be going according to schedule. Then, a staff member looks for the restroom - and doesn’t find it! When a brick-and-mortar restroom is not an option, a bathroom trailer rental is the next best thing. We design our trailers with intention and style them in a way that can compliment any event atmosphere. We deliver quickly and efficiently, so rest assured your restroom will arrive on time!

For project managers, a similar story line can occur. For industries like construction, electricity, or engineering, when leaving the office becomes a part of the job, you’ll find yourself in locations where restrooms are not even a thought. In industries like these, working in empty lots, fields, and other secluded or removed areas is common. Be prepared and ensure your staff has the amenities they need. A bathroom trailer rental guarantees that a great restroom is checked off of your to-do list. 

2. Outdoors = Porta Potty Party

In the event and project management industries, we have all been faced with the dreaded porta potty experience. That row of blue or beige lets you know that an upscale bathroom is not on the menu for the day. Extreme temperatures make the trip uncomfortable, The cleaning team is nowhere to be found, and you are seriously contemplating “holding it.” Or finding a secluded bush!

No need to fear the porta potty any longer. With a bathroom trailer rental, you experience all the amenities of a home restroom. Climate controlled trailers, spacious stalls, flushing toilets - all those little things that we take for granted when in the office, but in this moment are MUCH appreciated. Cancel that porta potty reservation and ensure that you, your staff, and/or your guests have the best possible restroom experience. 

3. Is it working? Is it Clean?? 

Sometimes, you show up onsite at a new event or project and find that the restroom is… not up to par. From clogged toilets to damp floors to no toilet paper or towels, a public bathroom can get ugly, quickly. Your staff may be amazing and willing to do anything to ensure that all goes smoothly for the day, but cleaning a bathroom? It’s simply not in the job description.

When the provided restroom is not the solution, a bathroom trailer rental is a quick and easy answer. Our team is equipped to get your rental to you as quickly as possible, and we can guarantee that it will arrive in clean and elegant condition.

Are you ready to book a bathroom trailer rental for your next event or project? Browse our inventory and find the ideal style and size for your needs!

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