Sometimes you need to provide the comfort and privacy of a hot shower at home out on a remote worksite.  Our 8-station portable shower trailer does just that, with all the features you would expect at home – conveniently packaged for remote mobility.
Alaska Timber Industry

Shower Trailer for rent When Alaska’s lumberjacks call it a day, they look to PRT to provide clean and comfortable showers with the comforts of home – while standing up to the harsh conditions of life on a lumber camp.

A Portable Shower Trailer that Feels Like Home

When you walk in the door of a PRT shower trailer, you always find a clean and welcoming interior.  Our trailers pack all the amenities of a home shower into a small footprint – without ever feeling cramped for space.
Our 8-station shower trailer is divided into 2 suites, each with 4 private shower stalls.  The suite is divided by a wrap-around vanity with twin sinks, each with its own framed glass mirror.  Behind the locking privacy door that separates each stall, you’ll find a private changing area and a full-size shower stall.
A tankless instant hot water system ensures that hot water is always ready when it’s needed – which is especially important when a work crew returns to camp together at the end of the day.  Regardless of the temperature outside, the air inside is always just right thanks to our year-round climate control system.

Rugged Shower Trailers for Harsh Applications

With remote locations and hard-working crews, lumber camps can take quite a toll on a portable shower.  While our trailers are known for their luxurious comfort – they are also the most rugged and durable units on the market today.
A heavy-duty I-beam frame supports the steel structural beams (heavy aluminum is available as an upgrade).  The exterior is constructed of dent-resistant, seamless fiberglass.  The roof is a single piece of all-weather membrane that comes with a 12-year warranty.
The materials used inside a PRT shower trailer are just as durable as those used on the exterior.  The floor of each suite is a single piece of rolled non-skid rubber flooring.  The walls are constructed of mar-resistant laminate with durable metal trim.  Both suites are trimmed with commercial-grade rubber base board throughout.
The components and construction of our shower trailers are designed to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance.  They’re perfect for tough working crews and tough remote locations.

Find Financing Options that Work for You

We offer shower trailers for rent, and we sell shower trailers to fleets around the world who rent them out to their local clientele.  One thing we’ve learned through our work with the Alaskan timber industry is that rental rates in remote locations can quickly become exorbitant.
Depending on the location and the availability of rental units, it often makes more sense to purchase a trailer rather than rent for even a few months.  We have an extensive inventory of new and used units and a variety of financing options that allow us to find a solution that works within nearly any budget.
If you’re looking for a durable shower trailer for a remote worksite, contact our customer satisfaction team today to discuss your requirements.  Between our long-term rentals and our lease-to-own program, we can deliver the perfect portable shower unit to suit your needs. To get started, call us at 1-866-221-6306.