Shower Trailer for Compass for Hope Georgia

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Shower Trailer for Compass for Hope Georgia

Compass for Hope is an organization committed to improving the lives of the homeless in the community. They clean up local areas, donate clothing and toiletries, and provide shower facilities. Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to have played a small part in the organization’s work by helping them find a shower trailer suited to their needs. 

About Compass for Hope

Compass for Hope is an organization based in Augusta, GA, and founded in 2018. They provide food and necessities for the local homeless population. They recently added mobile showers to their offerings. 

Mike Garrison, director of the organization, notes that the shower facilities will allow homeless people to bathe before job interviews and increase their chances of gainful employment. Showers also provide basic comfort. They are especially useful for homeless people who don’t have access to shelters. 

Compass for Hope also sends out surveys to the homeless to find out the reasons behind their homelessness. They are hoping that they can help get people on the right track so they can improve their quality of living. They provide services in downtown Augusta and are hoping to expand their reach. 

The organization is always looking for volunteers to aid with services like clean-up, food service, and handouts. People who want to help can also make donations such as bottled water, juice boxes, travel-sized toiletries, and clothing. Money donations are welcome as well. 

The Shower Trailer Compass for Hope Purchased

shower trailer combination

There are several considerations to make in a shower trailer purchase. Some trailers have toilets, others do not. You must also consider the trailer’s size, maintenance needs, and durability. 

Compass for Hope purchased the 2 Station Shower/Restroom Combo Designer Series. The trailer features two unisex suites. Each has a shower, a toilet, and a corner sink. 

The unit is safe to use thanks to its abundant exterior lighting and no-skid flooring. Its tan fiberglass interior and one-piece aluminum roof make it a durable option. It is easy to cart and tow. 

It’s an environmental choice thanks to its water-saving toilets, its metered faucets and shower head, and its on-demand water heater. 

The shower trailer is climate controlled. It includes black-covered AC units. Its insulated ceiling and walls help it retain a comfortable temperature.  

Here are some other shower trailers that are suitable for Compass for Hope’s needs:

3 Station Shower/Restroom Combo Designer Series: The 3 Station Designer Series is another suitable shower/restroom combo option. Each unisex suite features a toilet, a shower stall, and a corner sink. Its abundant lighting, non-skid flooring, and climate control make it a safe and comfortable option.

6 Station Shower/Restroom Combo 4 Season Series: This trailer is an ideal option for larger events and activities. Each unisex room features a shower, toilet, and corner sink vanity. It has heating and air conditioning, so it is perfect for all seasons. It also offers Smarter Restroom App integration. 

8 Station Shower Trailer Classic Series: This shower-only trailer is perfect for construction sites, schools, campgrounds, and volunteer services. Each unisex suite features a shower, sink, and bench. It is fully climate controlled. 

We Offer a Wide Shower Trailer Selection

Portable Restrooms Trailers is a top shower trailer provider. We offer shower trailers in various sizes. They are available with toilets and without. We also provide a vast selection of restroom trailers, laundry trailers, and more. 

We back our high-quality products with the utmost in customer service. We treat our clients like family. We ensure every interaction meets our high standards of honesty, respect, and transparency. 

Contact us for a high level of service on your shower trailer purchase. 

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