Our shower trailer rentals are used in every industry you can imagine, in towns and cities from coast to coast and everywhere in between.  We take pride in serving many of America’s most critical industries – and no industry is more crucial to our economic success than organic chemical manufacturing.
Organic chemicals are the building blocks for some of the most common and important products we consume in our day-to-day lives.  Every time you handle a product that is made from or packaged in plastic or rubber; every time you use a detergent, shampoo, or household cleanser; and most times you eat a prepared or packaged food – you’re benefiting from the hard work and innovation of America’s organic chemistry industry.
While the chemicals that are produced in modern organic chemical plants are often non-toxic and relatively safe for workers, safety procedures and regulatory compliance are still an important part of every organic chemical plant’s daily operation.  We’ve helped many of America’s top chemical plants to keep their safety programs operational during transitional times with our commercial grade shower trailer rentals.

The Premier Organic Chemical Processing Plant on the East Coast

We recently helped one of the world’s leading organic chemical plants to supplement their safety and compliance programs during a facilities improvement project.  Their workers needed temporary shower arrangements to rinse off after shifts, while their permanent shower facilities were being upgraded. With a few simple customizations to one of PRT’s most popular shower trailer rentals, the plant found a fitting solution that kept all their employees safe and happy while the shower facilities were under construction.

Our client is one of the country’s most established and esteemed organic chemical plants, having been in production for more than four decades.  They design custom chemical solutions for innovative new products – and they run tightly controlled chemical processes to create and modify specialty chemicals for use in diverse processes in manufacturing and other industries.
The plant has been privately owned by the same family for its entire history – giving it a unique edge over other organic chemical plants with corporate controllers.  The family has taken care to maintain an unparalleled reputation for their ability to successfully handle and process difficult custom orders. And with a personal commitment to environmental stewardship, the plant is also an industry leader in innovation and regulatory compliance for environmental controls.

Customize a Shower Trailer Rental to Match Your Requirements

After looking over PRT’s extensive inventory of shower trailer rentals, the plant’s management was drawn to the comfortable durability of our Comfort Series.  With seamless fiberglass walls and non-skid epoxy floors – these trailers are built to stand up to daily use by large groups while remaining clean and sanitary.  And they offer the same degree of comfort and functionality that the plant’s workers had become accustomed to in their regular shower room.
The plant’s management decided to make a few customizations to the standard floor-plan to fit more functionality into the trailer’s footprint – and the final result was a perfect fit for their workforce’s needs.  The shower trailer rental unit we delivered has two separate suites – one for men and one for women – accessible via landing platforms at the front and rear of the trailer. Inside each suite there are three private shower stalls and one private toilet stall.  The common area of both suites includes a corner sink with hot water, a locking vanity, and a shatterproof glass mirror.
The interior of the trailer is kept at a comfortable temperature all year long thanks to a roof-mounted air conditioner and electric heat strips integrated throughout both suites.  The unit was installed with direct connections to the onsite freshwater supply, electricity, and sewage so that maintenance tasks are kept to a minimum. Hot water for all six shower stalls is provided by a set of twin 50-gallon hot water heaters, which are powered by four 60-pound liquid propane gas cylinders.

Find the Perfect Shower Trailer Rental for Your Application

Our selection of portable shower trailer rentals spans the entire spectrum from industrial-grade toughness to high-end luxury.  And we can accommodate groups of any size with units ranging from one single shower stall all the way up to 20 stalls and more. We have dedicated shower trailers, combination shower/restroom units, and fully compliant environmental decontamination trailers.
If your organization is searching for a way to provide shower accommodations for workers during renovations, temporary seasonal staff increases, or remote projects – we can help.  Call one of our trained representatives at (877) 600-8645 now for an overview of our extensive inventory and our flexible financing options.