Hurricane Sandy brought with her an astonishing assortment of weather conditions resulting in wind, rain, floods, and snow to the eastern region of the U.S. Disaster relief efforts are being organized and teams are being dispersed to the areas that were devastated by the "Super Storm". Throughout the cleanup and rebuilding process the relief workers will need places to shower, wash hands, use the toilet, or simply have a moment to themselves.
Portable Restroom Trailers is happy to contribute to the relief efforts by providing shower trailers, as well as shower combo units to Seaside Heights and Old Bridge, New Jersey. These portable trailers are a practical solution for the aftermath, where the wind is still blowing and debris is everywhere, since they are durable and everything is conveniently together in one place.
Shower trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes and are available with anywhere from two to sixteen showers. Each shower station has its own lockable door for ultimate privacy, along with a changing area and a bench to sit on. The showers are spacious and provide instant hot water from a water-saving shower head. The trailer also includes a central powder room with a vanity, full mirror, and sinks. They are even climate controlled, so they can be used in the sweltering summer or the freezing winter.
The shower combo trailer is also available in different sizes and styles, and is much like a portable shower trailer, except that it contains flushable toilets. They can come with private shower suites with separate entrances and separate toilet and sink suites, or they can come with multiple all-in-one suites, or they can come with multiple shower stalls and multiple toilet stalls with a large central powder room. The combo units are also climate controlled for maximum comfort.
Both types of portable trailers are very safe, easy to use, and easy to clean. Even without water, portable tanks will be used and refilled as needed to keep them in working order. They will be used by the teams who are working hard to clean up the wreckage that "Frankenstorm" left behind. After such an overwhelming event, we are honored to help provide a little bit of solace to those who need.