It’s not often that we talk or hear about shower trailers, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t as important or useful as restroom trailers. In fact, shower trailers were used by the National Guard after Hurricane Isaac blew through New Orleans.
According to The Daily Reveille, some National Guard members were called into active duty after the hurricane to help the citizens of New Orleans. They handed out supplies, assisted those in need, helped with the cleanup effort, and worked with the Army to provide security throughout the city. Each day they woke up early, and returned very late to the convention center. Since the facility doesn’t have showers, they had to use a portable shower trailer for their showers each night.
Normally we think of portable restroom trailers and shower trailers as being used for victims of natural disasters; instead, this time they were needed for those that were there to help. Thank goodness for the National Guard and portable showers!