There is something about an upscale atmosphere that truly makes an experience feel great. From poolside cocktails under a cabana to black tie galas finely decorated from ceiling to floor, the art of creating ambiance has become a competitive industry, and we love building all types of luxury restroom and shower trailers that fit in with that high end feel. 

As we continue to partner with these luxury clients, we want to highlight a collection of our shower trailers that will always fit the bill when it comes to elegant experience. Whether you own or manage a high-end resort, hotel, destination, or venue, we can supply trailers that make your guests feel like every part of their visit is undeniably VIP. We have seen our shower trailer rentals provide a restroom option for country club visitors, swimmers and outdoor explorers at resorts, spas, and so much more.

See how these shower trailer rentals could be a fit at your luxury venue depending on your needs!

Luxury Shower Trailers for Rent

classic shower trailers

4 Station Classic

A compact yet well designed unit, the 4 Station Classic Series is a trailer that rings true to its name. This minimalist modern shower trailer rental is ideal for small to medium sized crowds and guarantees a classy experience for any luxury destination or spa.

6 Station Restroom Combo

For those expecting a higher volume of visitors, the 6 Station Combo is a great option. Suitable for upscale poolsides, country clubs with active golfers and tennis players, and weekend getaways, this is a medium-sized trailer that is 

6 Station Locker Room Combo

Don’t forget to take care of your employees! The 6 Station Locker Room Combo is one of our shower trailer rentals that truly does it all. This unit contains lockers for safe storage, showers for hard working staff that need a moment to clean up, and restrooms for anytime they may need it. This all-in-one solution give your team a little slice of their own private luxury.

8 Station Shower Trailer

The 8 Station Shower trailer is an option that is great for outdoor destinations. Fitting for VIP campsites at festivals, luxury adventures like safari trips, and so much more, it is a large shower trailer rental option that is equipped to handle any crowd, big or small.

Find the Trailer for You

shower trailer locker room combo options

We continue to look forward to servicing a large variety of businesses and organizations. We have seen portable bathroom and shower trailers provide an accessible option at sporting events, on college campuses, and on campsites, ensuring that all users have an opportunity to get “go” when they need to. We have seen them provide a little relief for those displaced by the many natural disasters we saw in previous years. They’ve provided a restroom or shower option for small businesses with laborers who work hard in fields and on construction sites.

We are proud to be a leading provider of portable bathroom and shower trailers and are here to help. What are your restroom needs? Do you have temporary staff in your facilities that your brick and mortar bathroom can’t quite service effectively? Run a campsite that needs a portable restroom and shower option? Is there an upcoming outdoor event that could use a luxury restroom option? Contact us and let our team of experts find the perfect rentals and purchases for you!