When our founder started Portable Restroom Trailers, she wanted to change the industry by creating restroom trailers for every need. From events to construction, sports to resort destinations, there is such a diverse variety of businesses that have put shower trailers to good use.

When we begin conversations about our shower trailers with certain clients, we often hear that companies can’t envision much use for them. They don’t immediately see the many benefits that shower trailers provide.

“How can a shower trailer support my business?” is one of our favorite questions to receive! There can be so much value in providing your business with a shower. Depending on your industry, we have outlined some ways that others have made use of shower trailers. Read about these experiences below and see how you can use shower trailers to elevate your business operations.


shower trailers support hospitals

In an ideal world, a hospital would not be a place where long term stays are needed, but often times patients with serious ailments must stay onsite to get nursed back to health. When hospitals have more in-house patients than usual, they come to us with a need for shower trailers. This provides not only a clean environment to use the restroom in, but also provides them with extra showers. We make many shower trailers that are ADA-compliant as well, like the ADA Combo, large enough to fit gurneys in with ease.

Offsite Workstations

shower trailers construction

It takes a savvy manager to think about the needs of off site employees. Construction workers performing in extreme heat, truckers staying the night at rest stops, and resort maintenance teams all spend time pretty far from a brick-and-mortar restroom option. Access to a toilet is limited, let alone a shower. Go the extra mile for your team by providing shower trailers like the 3 Station Cabo Series, a comfortable restroom experience that will make them feel cared for and refreshed.

Country Clubs/ Poolside

support country club with shower trailers

Many professionals like to get away from the office and everyday life by visiting their local country club. It’s a great way to feel that sense of escape without leaving town. Many of these clubs feature acres of activity, from golf to tennis to swimming. When guests venture out to play and relax, the brick-and-mortar restroom and shower options may simply be too far. Create convenience and efficiency with shower trailers - their portability allows you to place them anywhere needed and our high-end collections like the 6 Station Classic Series will complement the ambiance of your club.


shower trailers for camp

We all love to escape the hustle and bustle of towns and cities by spending time in nature. Removed from the conveniences of everyday life, camping is a rustic experience that helps us get in touch with our survival instinct and appreciate simpler pleasures. While living without most of our day-to-day amenities is doable, we all eventually need a refreshing shower, especially when camping in warm weather without the luxury of air conditioning. Keep camp guests comfortable and feeling fresh with shower trailers. It’s an affordable solution in comparison to building a brick-and-mortar option and ensures you don’t compromise nature. We recommend the Affordable Advantage Series for campgrounds

Gyms and Campuses

It’s important to stay active! Many Americans enjoy early mornings or evenings after work at the gym, ensuring they maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Students on high school and college campuses also lead more active lifestyles with sports and classes that keep them moving. While these locations come with their own built-in restroom and showers, perhaps you need to expand. Older buildings need updates and renovations or are being rebuilt. No matter what may come up, shower trailer rentals are a quick and easy way to provide your crowd with the showers they need to stay clean and comfortable during their visit. 

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