This week is Speed Week at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. Throughout the week there are tons of activities and festivities, including qualifier races, festivals, exhibits, cookouts, and rallies. All these events culminate with the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday. Being that it is Memorial Day weekend, which is a long weekend for most, there will be thousands of people attending the weekend celebration.
The weather forecast for Charlotte, NC calls for a beautiful hot and sunny weekend. The crowds will be outside, walking around, eating, and hopefully drinking plenty of fluids. This introduces a natural progression…the hotter people get, the more they drink, which means portable restroom trailers are an enormous necessity. And not only that, but enough portable restroom trailers are essential to accommodate the large masses of people. They should be placed strategically around the grounds for convenience and efficiency because the more people there are, the higher the chances for long lines, and the hotter it is, the less people are going to willingly wait in the scorching sun.
Portable restroom trailers are a great solution for crowds such as those expected at the Motor Speedway this weekend. The trailers offer sanitary, climate controlled conditions with multiple toilets for a quick in-and-out. There are so many other lines to wait in this weekend….isn’t this one you’d like to avoid?

Y’all have fun and be safe this Memorial Day weekend!