At Portable Restroom Trailers, there are several aspects of our restroom rentals business that we’re quite proud of.  I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about our work supporting first responders and emergency workers.  And there’s a good chance you also know that we love helping small businesses.  But did you know that we also work hard to cultivate relationships with women-owned businesses and women-majority businesses?
Supporting Women-Majority Business with Custom Restroom Rentals.jpgAnd there’s a very good reason for that last one.  At PRT, we are both a woman-owned business and a women-majority business.  We’re made up largely of a very dedicated group of hard-working women – so it’s a special treat when we get to help other women-owned businesses comply with local regulations, expand their capacity, and increase their revenue.
For several years now, we’ve been growing our participation in the larger community of women-owned businesses.  During that time, one of the best relationships we’ve built is with a Florida company that processes and packages sausage.  Sometimes people act surprised when they learn that our restroom rentals business is run by women.  Well, our sausage-processing partners get the exact same response sometimes – and with that in common, we’ve been able to forge a wonderful partnership together.

Making Sausage on the Florida Coast

The company we’re working with is located on the gulf coast of Florida, north of the city of Tampa.  They have been in business for many years, operating a full processing facility where their majority-woman workforce carries out every detail of making and packaging sausage for sale in major grocery stores around the United States.
With large tanks, onsite refrigeration capabilities, a large sausage processing facility, and a busy loading dock – their facilities take up a full acre of land.  Many of their processes take place in dedicated shifts, with many employees all working at the same time.  When a team of workers reaches their break time, many people all reach the break room at the same time.
The management realized several years ago that its employees could make better use of their break time – and the company could increase its effective production time overall – by expanding their restroom capacity.  And, as you would expect, that’s where PRT and our portable restroom rentals come in to the story.

A Special Restroom Rentals Agreement for a Special Client

We keep a wide inventory of portable restroom rentals on hand at all times.  And we’re proud of our ability to customize units as needed to fit special applications.  One of the most common customizations we do is to make a restroom gender-dominant.  Sometimes we configure a restroom to be male-dominant for construction sites and work camps.  In this case – we needed to deliver a restroom that would accommodate four times as many women as it would men.
We talked with the company’s ownership and agreed on which options would be required.  We discussed capacity requirements for each gender.  And we found a great match for their application in our Executive Series Advantage 11-station restroom rentals.  The unit we delivered is divided into two sections – with a 2-station men’s suite and a 9-station women’s suite.

The Executive Series provides a luxurious and comfortable experience, and it’s built with tough materials that can stand up to heavy foot traffic from large groups.  Each roomy stall has a 3/4 height privacy door concealing a full-size authentic china toilet.  Locking designer vanities support solid surface countertops with metered hot and cold faucets.  And the entire unit is climate-controlled for year-round comfort – even in the hot Florida summertime.

Learn More About PRT Restroom Rentals

If your organization is looking for restroom rentals to comply with local regulations, to expand your capacity, or to accommodate more workers – get in touch with us today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained representatives can guide you through all of the options and upgrades that are available in our extensive line of portable restroom rentals.  We have a wide range of flexible financing options, with something to fit almost any budget.