Triumph’s breakdown at sea while carrying over 4,200 passengers, including elderly and children, has given rise to a multitude of debates. One of the topics that have come to light is that of sewage. The engine room fire shut everything down, ultimately paralyzing the cruise ship. This resulted in the loss of air conditioning, as well as the function of most of the restroom facilities.  From this incident, there have been stories of passengers having to go to the bathroom in red plastic bags, sewage dripping down walls, and feces floating in the water due to the malfunctions and lack of bathroom availability.
Regardless of whether those stories are true or not, they bring up a good topic of concern. The issue of sewage directly affecting our health is a growing matter. It greatly impacts everyone, young and old. Let’s assume that the bathroom situation on the ship was somewhere in the middle with regards to the stories told. How would that be any different than an everyday porta potty that sits in direct sunlight, closed in with no ventilation in the heat of the summer?
It’s really not any different…the problem is when you can’t flush the waste that’s been sitting for hours or wash your hands after stepping out of a dirty bathroom, your risk of disease and germs increases phenomenally. E.Coli, Salmonella, and Staph are just a few of the harmful diseases that can be picked up in unclean restroom conditions. Is it worth the risk of your child’s, your grandparent’s, or even your health?
Germs in public facilities are inevitable; yet can be reduced. With options such as portable bathroom trailers that provide soap, running water, and flushable toilets, and an increased awareness for more hygienic habits and practices, we can decrease the amount of germs that are being spread, thus creating a healthier, happier society.
Perhaps even cruise companies will now consider restroom trailers…just in case.