Since the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15th of this year the safety of spectators at outdoor events has been a hot topic. Lou Marciani, the director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), has done many interviews talking about how important it is. In a recent interview with ESPN he discussed the difficulty in keeping spectators safe, especially during large, open events.
runnersAccording to Marciani, explosives seem to be the biggest fear for the NCS4, thus they are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe during spectator sports events. This includes perimeters, screening backpacks, and added security at all open events like marathons, horse races, and golfing events, such as the PGA Tour and the US Open. In addition to security at the main venue, the NCS4 is also moving their security away from the main venue to various locations throughout the event site, such as parking lots, because with explosives, these areas are just as vulnerable as the main venue.
The NCS4 even has safety certifications that venues can attain by completing a thorough evaluation. The most recognized is the Sport Event Security Aware (SESA) certification. This certification is for any level organization with a sports venue. The purpose is to provide facilities with standards to assess various risks, information in order to identify vulnerabilities, and the necessary knowledge to develop plans, policies, and actions if necessary, with the hopes that preparation and awareness will increase the safety of guests.
With spectator safety being the utmost importance right now, restroom trailers are a great way to provide guests with an added sense of security. Not only do the restroom trailers have doors that can be locked, but they are well lit inside and out. Furthermore, for an extra feeling of safety and comfort, attendant services are offered so that someone is present at all times, not only to keep it neat and tidy, but to be watchful of the guests that utilize the restroom trailer.
Learning from past incidents, awareness, and preparation are crucial for the safety of spectators at open events. Portable Restroom Trailers is committed to support and help with safety efforts at events we are present at.