iStock_000026138908XSmall It seems that the loved, ever-so-popular flushable wipes are in a bit of a bind. Apparently they are to blame for numerous toilet clogs and sewer backups throughout the U.S.
Although they are continuously advertised as being safe and eco-friendly, it’s been established that they are not as flushable as we think. The problem is that they don’t break down as expected as they maneuver through the sewer system. As a result, the sewer system gets backed up.
This is becoming a problem because it is costing many cities millions of dollars to unclog or replace the sewage pipes. And usually what is found is a large mass of tangled wipes that are still mostly intact. In order to come to a workable solution, stricter flush standards must be discussed and agreed upon, sooner rather than later.
The benefit of portable restroom Manhole on the footbath near streettrailers is that they do not hook up to the sewer. They contain waste tanks that vary in size according to the size and model of the restroom trailer. So, a clog in the system isn’t going to affect a whole city and cost millions of dollars; though we don’t recommend flushing anything other than regular toilet paper. (We like to try to keep back-ups at a minimum.) Since they are easy to use and clean, restroom trailers are extremely practical, safe, and versatile for any purpose, whether short or long term.