Trailer Shower For Salvation Army

trailer shower for salvation army
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Trailer Shower For Salvation Army

Some organizations across the globe prioritize providing a wide variety of services that meet the needs of others without discrimination. From curing hunger to overcoming poverty, providing shelter to helping disaster survivors, we have witnessed many associations go all out to positively impact the lives they come across. Without a doubt, our world without them would have made life unbearable for many individuals. Thankfully, we have been privileged to play a significant role in helping these organizations touch lives by providing them with a trailer shower when the need for it arises.

In recent times, we have partnered with Salvation Army, an international movement that has spread across over 132 countries. "This journey began over 150 years ago with William Booth, a Methodist Reform Church minister in the East End of London, and his wife, Catherine Booth. They called it The East London Christian Mission and focused on feeding and housing the poor. It wasn't until 1878 that the organization changed its name to what it is presently known as, The Salvation Army."

"Salvation Army is dedicated to doing the most good and believes they can change the world one person at a time. Every program the organization offers is rooted in their passion to serve God by serving the helpless, the hurting, the hopeless, the lost, the needy, the poor, and the vulnerable". The organization takes pride in welcoming individuals with different needs with open arms, irrespective of their race, age, color, citizenship, sex, religion, national origin, disability, marital status,  sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, and the like.

Hence, we were delighted when the organization approached us to provide a trailer shower that could create a comfortable sanitation experience.

Supporting Good Deeds With A Trailer Shower

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Salvation Army required full-service restroom options well-suited to their staff, volunteers, and the community they serve. After guiding them through our inventory of trailer showers, we unanimously agreed that the 2 Station Mobile Shower Trailer Affordable Advantage Series fit the bill.

This compact unit measures 12 feet and has a 350-gallon waste tank and 150-gallon freshwater tank, making it suitable for moderate all-day-long use. The exterior is clean and fitted with dent-proof layers to ensure that this stands the test of time. It also comes with designer non-slip flooring to provide additional security for guests, making this unit a perfect mix of durability and high quality.

The ceiling and walls in this trailer shower are insulated to keep the temperature comfortable for every user regardless of the external weather conditions. Also, the 13.5K air conditioner plays a significant role in regulating the internal temperature, as they allow restroom managers to alter the temperature levels based on different needs.

This trailer shower has three unisex suites with different entrances equipped with aluminum rails and steps for easy and safe access. Furthermore, these suites feature all the amenities in a home bathroom, such as a flushable China toilet, sink, shower, and shatterproof mirror. The toilets are built with ceramic China, and the showers can be adjusted for the user's comfort.

The abundant porch lighting ensures that users can easily access this unit during the day or at night. To further improve the user's experience, we ensure that this trailer shower is equipped with a water heater to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Therefore, guests won't have to complain or feel any discomfort.

Overall, this unit is perfect for any organization looking to provide a special experience for its community members. Little wonder this was the pick of the bunch for Salvation Army.

Get Your Trailer Shower Today

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We look forward to servicing a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We have witnessed trailers provide a full-service restroom option at different sporting events, on campsites, and on college campuses, ensuring that all users have the opportunity to "go" or shower when the need arises. We have witnessed these compact units provide a little relief for those displaced by the many natural disasters in previous years. Over time, they have also provided a restroom option for small businesses with hardworking laborers on fields and construction sites.

We are proud to be one of the go-to providers in the trailer shower business, and we are always ready to meet human needs. What are your restroom needs? Do you have temporary staff in your facilities that your brick-and-mortar bathroom can't quite service effectively? Run a campsite that needs a portable restroom option? Is there an upcoming outdoor event that could use a luxury restroom option? Reach out to us and let our team of experts find the perfect trailer shower for you!

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