As autumn approaches, the weather is beginning to cool down but the sun is still shining, making the next couple of months the perfect time for outdoor adventures. That's why we were eager to supply exceptional restroom rentals to the employees of a noteworthy sporting goods store.
While the summer months are filled with travel and exploration, there is something about the changing of the seasons that brings even more people outdoors. As the leaves turn to new colors, nature is becoming that much more beautiful. The sun’s heat is no longer too overwhelming for that trip to the beach or a hike in the mountains. Now is the time to get outside and get active.
Many outdoor adventures require a fair amount of appropriate tools. We don’t encourage you to go mountain climbing without the proper gear! Fortunately, companies like Moosejaw exist to provide excursion lovers with the gear they need to go out and have fun in nature. This company is ran by some key employees in Michigan, and when it was time for an office restroom renovation, the company came to us for restroom rentals solutions.
As providers of restroom rentals for a wide range of employees, we often find that companies come to us when they need a temporary restroom solution. Sometimes, restrooms need upgrades, are closed for remodeling, or are simply no longer pleasant to use. We are able to provide a restroom rental solution no matter what requirements need to be me.
We were approached by Moosejaw and when they explained their need, we worked with them to pick the perfect restroom rentals for their company.


For those ready to dive into action, adventure, and outdoor exploration, a shopping trip at Moosejaw is sure to prepare you. Whether you are interested in water sports, hiking, camping, yoga, running, and any other physical activity you can think of, this company has something for you.
Their suppliers are the best big names in the industry, like REI, Nike, Offspray, and more. From shoes to tents, fishing poles to snowboards, this is your one stop shop for all things sports and outdoors. They are proud to provide the very best in the activity industry, and if you’re looking for it, they have it.
Moosejaw has stores located throughout the US, including in cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Kansas City. They also accept online orders for those looking to get their gear without a trip to the store.
Not sure what tools you need for your adventure? Moosejaw provides you with the knowledge you need on their company blog. Not sure what hiking boot to buy? There’s an article for that!
Need advice on running, kayaking, or just looking for some reasons to ditch work and get outdoors more often? They’ve got something for you, too. Check out their knowledge center and see what you learn about the gear needed to explore the outdoors.
Overall, we know that Moosejaw knows sports, action, and adventure, and they are a company we can trust when it comes to proper supplies. When their corporate office was faced with a restroom renovation, they needed a restroom rental solution and came to us.


Moosejaw is a company that values its employees and their overall comfort while in the workplace. During their restroom remodeling project, they knew they needed an appropriate solution for their employees. They needed restroom rentals that was elegant, long term, and dependable. They also wanted to provide plenty of privacy for their employees. When they told us their restroom needs, we were happy to suggest the 3 Station Portable Restroom Trailer, Comfort Elite Beach Series.

This restroom rental measures 16 feet and is under eight feet tall, making it the perfect compact unit that fits in any space comfortably, even a driveway. The exterior is clean and sturdy with dent and scratch-resistant materials. The unit is equipped with aluminum rails and steps for safe access and porch lighting illuminates the entry doors to ensure easy access when it’s dark.
Each unisex unit of this portable restroom rental includes a flushing toilet. Guests will also enjoy the earthy interior design tones that include a marble countertops and designer flooring. The shatterproof mirror is framed to create a sophisticated look and feel. The sink is monitored and included hot water, and a paper towel dispenser and large waste bin are included in the unit design.
This restroom rental allowed Moosejaw’s employees to have a positive bathroom experience while their renovations were under way. With ample storage for supplies, an easy to clean and maintain interior and operations system, and all of the amenities of a regular restroom, Moosejaw was satisfied with their restroom rental and had everything they needed to provide an elevated restroom experience.
The Comfort Elite Beach Series is a favorite for many restroom rental needs, like including backyard events, weddings, private parties, and more. It is a versatile unit that is compact enough to fit in a large quantity of locations and venues while still having a spacious interior for guests. We were glad to help Moosejaw’s employees and look forward to future partnerships.
As always, we are excited to hear about our reader’s projects. If you have a need for a restroom rental in the workplace, are planning an upscale event and would like to weigh your restroom options, or just have the big family barbecue coming up and need more bathrooms, drop us a line! We are excited to hear about what you’re doing and hope to help elevate your overall experience.