Tailgating can be a great experience. It’s exciting, competitive, and fun. But what happens when you can’t or don’t want to go to the game? You bring it home! It’s the newest trend called Homegating.
Homegating is essentially the new tailgating. It’s bringing the tailgating party into your home for a more personal experience. In the past, tailgaters have been mostly men, but today it’s a growing trend among women. Statistics say that 44% of the NFL fan base is now women. Women are getting more involved in spectator sports, above and beyond just watching games.
The NFL has recognized this new trend, and in conjunction with Holly Robinson Peete whose husband is an ex NFL player, has created a line of Homegating tools and accessories with team logos, that likely appeal to women. The idea is to make Homegating a family oriented event for everyone to be involved in while still watching and cheering for your favorite team. From apparel, to decorations, to food, the options are endless!
This trend has quickly caught on amongst families because it is a cleaner, safer, and more economical option to traditional tailgating. Should you choose to host a Homegating party, depending on how many football fanatics you plan on having in your home, you might consider renting a small restroom trailer for two reasons: 1.) to avoid everyone wandering through your home trying to find a bathroom, and 2.) to avoid wreaking havoc on your septic system. A portable bathroom might just be a safer, more practical option for your home. While accommodating multiple guests, it won’t break the budget, you can decorate it accordingly, and it may even catapult you to the top of the “Best Homegating Party” list.

Happy Homegating!