Sonoma County in northern California is known for its beauty and seascape vistas. It’s also known for amazing wineries producing a large variety of grapes and wines. The more than 500 wineries are just one hour from San Francisco, making them a huge tourist attraction. The picturesque area is also known for resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, delicious food and nature excursions galore. One Healdsburg winery investor is providing visitors and vineyard workers with an improved bathroom experience thanks to portable restroom trailers.

Winery Benefits from Portable Restroom Trailers

 Three Station Shower Combo

The three station shower and restroom combo trailer is one of our most popular choices for people who will keep the trailer on site for an extended period of time, like the winery in Healdsburg. Each of the three unisex shower-restroom areas has its own entrance and tank-less instant hot water system with the easy-to-use shower. No fumbling with confusing knobs and fixtures in these suites!
Each suite also includes a real, flushable toilet, vanity with stainless steel sink and mirror and shower curtain. Added benefits include wastebaskets and toilet paper holders capable of holding a full roll of 2-ply paper. The floor is made of non-skid rubber for safety and the bright porch lighting means employees can enter and exit the shower suites at any time without fear of tripping.
Northern California has beautiful weather and isn’t always warm. Our three station shower combo trailers are fully climate controlled to keep users cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The roof mounted unit pumps out 5600BTUs of air conditioning or heat as appropriate, a built in air-supply return and propane water heater. Combine all that temperature control with insulated side walls and ceilings and vineyard employees can shower in comfort.
One additional cool feature of this unit is the mechanical room, which provides maintenance crews with easy access to the water tank and utility hookups. The fresh water tank holds over 100 gallons of water and the 400-gallon waste tank is capable of connecting to city sewer lines. All this water storage means the winery employees have enough water for 1800 uses, including handwashing.
The comfortable and functional interior is complimented by the same attention to detail on the exterior. With a long-lasting LED porch light and occupancy indicator at each entrance, employees feel safe using the shower combo trailer any time of day or night. The fold down stairs have easy to grip hand rails and a large landing to keep everyone safe.

Two Station Preowned Portable Restroom Trailer

The winery in Healdsburg got a great deal on a preowned two station portable restroom trailer. This 12-foot trailer features two bathroom suites – one for men, one for women. Each suite has a flushable toilet, vanity with solid counter top and stainless steel sink, mirror and hot and cold faucets. Enhancing comfort, the details of a toilet paper holder that holds a full roll of 2-ply paper and in-counter wastebasket and soap and paper towel dispensers make cleaning up a breeze. The men’s side also has a urinal to save water and time.
As with the shower combo trailer, the two station portable restroom trailer has no-skid rubber mats on the floors and insulated walls and ceiling to keep out the elements. Additional safety features include foldout stairs with full size hand rails, and porch lighting.

The Result

The Healdsburg winery investor couldn’t be happier with her onsite portable restroom trailers. Her staff and visitors appreciate the comfort and convenience. When asked about her portable restroom trailer purchase, Spencer S. said, “We purchased two restroom trailers from this company and both trailers are amazing, new and clean. The company was extremely helpful and great with customer service for each trailer's transaction. I worked specifically with Vanessa, one of the Sales Account Executives every time and she was the best to work with. I would highly recommend anyone to use this company to service their portable restroom/shower trailer needs. Each trailer's shipping cost was very affordable and fast. The company worked with my timeline to get each trailer delivered efficiently in a short notice. I will use Portable Restroom Trailers LLC the next time I need to purchase a trailer again!!”
We’re proud to offer complete support and amazing customer service to all of our customers. Thanks for the compliment Spencer! We’re happy your portable restroom trailers are meeting your needs.