This year’s Super Bowl saw an even greater increase in female viewers than ever before. With nearly 50% of viewers being women, sporting events such as football and NASCAR races aren’t just for men anymore. Women are immersing themselves in the sport, whether it’ going to the game clad in team apparel, or planning a mega tailgating party.
Tailgating is one area where this change has been seen. Tailgaters are creating more elaborate set-ups and food to make their whole group comfortable for the big game. We’ve talked about the growth of home gating. People want to celebrate the game without leaving the comforts of their home, so the comforts need to be brought to them.
Additionally, races and walks is another area that has seen an increase in female participation. More women have been participating in marathons, run/walks for causes, and cross-state bike rides. Women's Health reports that the number of people who've finished a half-marathon has more than tripled since 2000, and a whopping 59 percent of finishers are women.
What event planners can learn from this new trend is to prepare for an increase in the need for women’s facilities. A better stocked and higher quality bathroom is a must for all events now.- why?
Schools that host sporting events are now realizing this and are starting to offer better restrooms for their female spectators. They understand the importance of making everyone comfortable, and providing higher quality and more modern facilities in the hopes that spectators will be impressed and want to come back next time.
As we enter the season of spring sports, we look forward to seeing all the sports become more populated by women. Due to the growth of women in sports, event planners should look for an increase in the requests to provide the best restrooms available to make their event spectacular. Whether participating or viewing, women’s increased involvement in sports is sure to improve the experience for everyone.