Have you started thinking about winterizing your RV or camper trailer yet?
Although Labor Day is a week away and there might be one more chance to get in a camping trip, most families start packing up their campers and RVs after the long weekend, and once school starts.
In order to successfully keep your RV or trailer safe during the winter months, you will need to winterize it. There is a suggested list of things to do, but the most important thing to do is flush all the water out of the pipes. The last thing you want is a frozen pipe to burst- talk about a mess! Once the pipes are clear of water, flush antifreeze (specifically for RV) through the pipes until it runs out of the faucets. Then make sure all of the faucets are completely off. If you want a little added protection, pour some antifreeze in all of the drains…it’s better to be safe than sorry.
There are other tips to preventing damage to your RV such as making sure any openings or vents are completely closed off to little animal friends looking for a warm shelter, which The Complete Idiot’s Guide provides. You can also go to your local RV/Camper dealer to get some good suggestions on how to winterize, as well.
Luckily, portable restroom trailers come with a special winter package. If you’re thinking of having a winter event, a portable restroom trailer is the best way to go because it is safe, private, and most importantly, heated. Your guests won’t have to freeze their behinds off (no pun intended!) when nature calls, which will make them very happy.