PRT Wurstfest
It’s Wurstfest Time again and New Braunfels, Texas is packed with fans of this 52 year old festival dedicated all things German going on from November 6-15th! The main draw has always been the wonderfully delicious locally-made sausages of ever kind imaginable but the “Sausage Festival” as it was once known has grown to include music, dancing, carnival rides, games and other special events combing German and Texan traditions.  This 10 day celebration typically draws over 200,000 visitors for the last few years with the potential of additional 40,000 – 50,000 new visitors alone this year!  When the Wurstfest  team is thinking about restroom solutions for an event of this size, they knew they needed to provide easy access, sensible floor plans and numerous stalls for a large outdoor event that could get even larger! That’s when PRT came in to help  by offering Wurstfest a wide-range of portable restrooms for rent to choose from to ensure maximize efficiency and impress even the biggest crowds.
Our Large Executive Series 14 Station Semi Portable Restrooms for Rent with hot water hand wash that the Wurstfest team selected  can accommodate more than 10,000 guests at your event all enjoying the comfort of a fully climate-controlled environment maintained by air conditioning and heat strips! The spacious floor plan includes either 7 women’s stalls and 7 men’s stalls featuring eco-friendly, water-saving hands free pedal flush white ceramic china toilets, hands free water less urinals in the men’s suite, full vanities with stainless steel sinks, metered faucets, in-counter wastebaskets with soap and paper-towel dispensers and toilet-paper holders, and large shatterproof mirrors. Both suites also feature an attractive interior design complete with coordinating accents and soft ambient lighting, important details that your guests will be sure to notice! The best part?  By selecting a quality upscale restroom solution, Wurstfest can ensure that their guests will return year after year knowing they will receive a completely accessible, safe and sanitary portable restrooms experience!
Large Executive Series Semi Trailer Interior
Outdoor events should be fun and exciting for everyone. There’s no reason why any of your guests should have to miss the excitement. With our portable restrooms for rent, everyone can get in, get out and get back to the event! Call us today at 1-866-248-2933 or fill out our Contact Form today to see how we can help. New or Used, Whatever Your Event, We Have the Solution at PRT!