Premio foods in Brooksville, FL is well known for their amazing sausages. From breakfast links to spicy Italian or chicken based sausage products, Premio is committed to providing high-quality, tasty sausage products. The food industry has tight regulations for cleanliness, so when Premio needed a year-long onsite portable restroom rentals that would enable them to continue provided high-quality products, they called us.
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9 Station – Female Dominant Portable Restroom Rentals

This is a spacious, plush unit with two central suites – one male, one female. Premio requested a portable restroom trailer with more female stalls than male stalls, which we were happy to provide. Each suite has a separate entrance to ensure privacy. All toilets within in the trailer unit feature pedal flushing with running water. The vanities have solid surfaces that won’t delaminate over time with in-set stainless steel sinks and shatterproof mirrors above. There’s plenty of room for soap and toilet paper holders that hold a full roll. Paper towels and wastebaskets add final touches to make handwashing simple and sanitary.
Florida is known for its warm weather. With a trailer onsite for a full year, Premio Foods needed a trailer with excellent climate control. This portable restroom trailer can handle the heat thanks to the roof-mounted unit which pumps out 13,500BTUs cooling and 5,600BTUs heating. The climate-controlled air is ducted into each unit of the trailer, meaning everyone enjoys the same level of comfort.
The trailer is further climate controlled with a 14” x 14” domed skylight vent and R-11 insulation in the walls and ceiling. The added insulation and venting create controlled air flow and keep the elements out. Despite its length - 24-feet - this trailer won’t move anywhere. We’ve equipped it with electric brakes on 2-axles and an emergency breakaway kit.
This trailer stands up to long-term use. The waste tank is sandblasted and coated and holds up to 1,000 gallons. It’s easily connected to city water lines with simple garden hoses and is good for up to 4,000 uses, including hand-washing. The high capacity makes this trailer ideal for extended use.
To ensure safety, we’ve put non-skid rubber coating on the floors. On the outside, there’s a bright LED porch light and occupancy light on each entrance. Full-sized handrails and galvanized steel doors complete the safety features. While the aluminum siding with baked on white enamel finish give the trailer a classy look.

The Results

We were able to provide Premio foods with a year-long solution that meets their needs and ensures they can continue to meet food safety and cleanliness requirements. It does more than that, too. The portable restroom trailer we provided Premio also offers class and comfort for anyone who steps inside. Neighboring business approve of the choice too. It’s inoffensive to look at, clean and sanitary. No matter how hot or humid the Florida weather gets, there’s no smell to drive potential customers away. When the rental period is complete, we’ll unhook everything and drive it away.
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