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Mass Casualty Trailer

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Mass Casualty Trailers for Emergency Management, Disaster Relief, and Municipalities

Portable Restroom Trailers has teamed up with the industry’s leading manufacturer of emergency containment equipment to bring our customers the best in safety, hygiene, and comfort.

We never want to think about a large-scale emergency or natural catastrophe, but if one occurs, Portable Restroom Trailers offers solutions. This custom 28′ Mass Casualty Trailer includes a 2 shower configuration. The unit comes equipped with water heaters, lead, and asbestos filtration equipment, negative air filtration, and other features.

The trailer includes two (2) longitudinal decon compartments, separated by a full-length and full height vinyl wall partition curtain. The partition will be suspended from the ceiling with heavy-duty PVC sliders and secured to the end walls with cinch straps. The wall can be opened up for a “rehab” unit. The side curtains shall be sliding and will be secured to the walls with footman loops and cinch straps. Each decon compartment consists of a contaminated area, a decon solution application and a rinse area, and a clean area.

The rear of the unit consists of two (2) contaminated areas, each with vinyl clothes chute, a flow-through brush for performing gross decon with a 6’ stainless steel metal flex hose, and stainless steel quick disconnect fitting, and a handheld shower wand for rinsing with 6’ stainless steel metal flex hose and stainless steel quick disconnect fitting. QD fittings to be interchangeable with exterior shower nozzles. Ball valves are included to isolate control of the water in the gross decon areas and shower areas.

The area ahead of the contaminated (dirty) area is the decon solution application area and the rinse area. The shower system is controlled by a push-button switch located on the wall next to the shower manifold and is connected to a timer which provides a preset run time for a solution and then for rinse.

To operate, the patient pushes the start button and the decon system will automatically operate through one complete solution and rinse cycle. Ball valves are located outside the decon area which allows an operator to manually activate the showers. A privacy curtain and a stainless steel trough drain are included on each side of the solution and rinse the area.

The area in front of the solution and rinse area is the clean area, for drying off and dressing into clean clothing before leaving the site. Post decon kit storage will be mounted on the front wall in the clean area, each side will include six cargo net pockets to store post decon kits.

They are the perfect fit for job sites, such as lead abatement, chemical companies, safety companies, or other industrial applications.



  • Main Beam 12" X 16# WF Beam with Cross Members and Waste Tank Supports
  • Tongue: Extended Main Rails and Hitch 9' with 3" Lunette Eye Coupler for Clearance of Tow Vehicle Load
  • Running Gear Triple 7,000# Axles with ST235-85R-16 'F' Rated Tires
  • Stabilizer Jacks 7000# Rated at Four Corners
  • Spare Tire ST235-85R-16 'F' Rated Mounted on the Hitch
  • Paint: Epoxy Primer with Black Polyurethane Enamel Top Coat



  • Floor: Tubing 2" X 2 X 16 GA Primed Steel Tubing, Decking 3/4" AdvanTech T&G Plywood Bottom Pan 20 GA GALV Sheet Insulation 1 1/4" Polyisocyanurate
  • Floor Covering TPO Membrane, Gray in the Clean Room and Utility Room
  • Floor Covering Spray-On Rubberized Toff, Grey in Dirty


  • Exterior Walls, 7' Ceiling Height
  • Exterior Wall Panels 2 X 4 Wood Construction with EXT .040 White Aluminum Over 7/16 OSB Sheathing, House Wrap, White FRP Bonded to 3/8" Plywood Interior Finish, and with R-13 Fiberglass Insulation
  • Exterior Bottom Trim 4" x 3/4" Anodized
  • Corner Trim 4" X 4" Anodized
  • Interior Wall Panels Wood Construction with White FRP Bonded to 3/8" Plywood Finish
  • Utility Room Walls to have Sound Insulation with 20 GA. Galvanized Steel Finish


  • Roof Assembly 2 X 6 Wood Framing with .040 Aluminum Roof
  • 7/16" OSB Decking, Ceiling Finish White FRP Bonded to 3/8" Plywood, and with R-19 Insulation
  • Roof Extrusion Anodized Aluminum, Top Extrusion & "J" Trim


  • Base Wire & Rough Boxes Concealed in Walls and Roof
  • Receptacles: Interior Duplex 115 COlt 15 AMP (3 ea)
  • Receptacles: Exterior GFCI Duplex 115 15 AMP (4ea)
  • Switches 1-Pole 115 Volt 15 AMP (3 ea)
  • Switches Three Way 115 Volt 15 AMP (6 ea)60-HZ NEMA 3R
  • Panel: 125 AMP 120/240 Volt Single Phase Exterior (1 ea)
  • Optional: Will-Burt Chief Night Scan #NS2.3-600 WHL LED 120 Volt AC with Wired Remote Mounted on the Top of the Unit (1 ea)
  • Optional: Will-Burt Chief Night Scan #NS2.3-300 WHL LED 120 Volt AC with Wired Remote Mounted on Top of the Unit (1 ea)
  • Manual Transfer Switch 100 AMP Rated NEMA 3R Mounted Rear Street Side of Unit (1 ea)
  • Shower Power Cable, 25' Connected to the Manual Transfer Switch with Wall Mounted Storage Bracket (1 ea)
  • Generator 12-KW with Cold Weather Package Installed on Diesel Generator Consisting of But Not Limited to: *INTAKE HEATERS *BLOCK HEATER *FUEL FILTER with HEATER *LONG CYCLE GLOW PLUGS (1 ea)
  • Diesel Fuel Tank, 50 GAL Capacity Mounted Under the Generator in the Utility Room under Generator (1ea)
  • 12 Volt Electricity
  • Interior lights: Whelen 6" Interior Lights, Whelen 6" White LED #60C0EHCR 12 Volt (14 ea)
  • DOT LED Lighting PKG with 7 Pole RV Type Trailer Connection and Break-a-Way Kit (1 ea)
  • Battery Charger, KUSMAUL 4000 (1 ea)
  • Deep Cycle Batteries (2 ea)
  • Emergency Light Red LED Whelen Series 600, (4) Mounted Low at all Four Corners Side Wall, (2) Mounted High on Corners Real Wall, and (2) Mounted Low on Corners Rear Wall (8 ea)
  • Emergency Warning Lights Red LED Whelen Series 900, (4) Mounted High at all Four Corners Side Wall (4ea)
  • Scene Light: Whelen Series 900 9SCOENZRSWITCHED from Control Panel. One Mounted at Rear of Unit, One Mounted at Front of Unit, and One Mounted Under Awning at Shower Boom (3ea)
  • Control Panel for Remote Generator Panel, Scene Light Switch, Tank Monitor Panel, and Battery Charge Monitor (1 ea)
  • Heater: Diesel Fired Air Heater 27,300 BTU with Ducting into Each Area (1ea)
  • Heater: Diesel Fired D5 Air Heater 18,800 BTU with Ducting into Each Area (1ea)
  • Negative Air Unit FA700 Mounted in the Dirty Room (1ea)
  • Battery Maintenance Inlet to Charge Batteries when Generator or Shore Power are not Connected (1ea)
  • Exhaust Fan for Bathroom (1ea)


  • Exterior 36 X 78, ACSI 'SIP' Panel Dead Bolt Lock Key/Thumb Turn (Master Keyed), Level Handel Latch (2ea)
  • Interior 30 X 78 ACSI 'SIP' Panel with Lever Handel Latch Set (1ea)
  • Interior 24 X 78 ACSI 'SIP' Panel with Lever Handel Latch Set (1ea)
  • Exterior Clothes Chute Door with Vinyl Fabric Clothes Chute (1ea)
  • Exterior Step Assembly Double Flip Down Mounted on the Tongue with Handrail (1ea)
  • Exterior Step Assembly Platform with Flip-up Steps and Swing Out Door Handrail (1ea)
  • Intake / Exhaust Aluminum Louver 24" X 24" with Manuel Shutter Operation (2ea)


  •  Plumbing Rough In Piping: REX Supply Lines with PVC Drawing Lines
  • Water Inlet Connection: 1 1/2" NST Female Fire Hose Fitting with 1 1/2 CAM Adapter (1ea)
  • Heat Trace and Insulate All Exterior Piping and Utility Room Piping (1ea)
  • Black Water Holding Tank 42-GAL with Slide Valve and 2" CAM Lock Fitting with Cap (1ea)
  • Grey Water Holding Tank 200 GAL with Gravity Drain and Piping to Discharge Pump with 1 1/2" Fittings (1ea)
  • Grey Water Tank Connection 1" with CAM Lock Fitting and Cap, this Allows Water From Exterior Shower to Pump into Grey Water Tank (1ea)
  • Freshwater Storage Tank 200 GAL with 3/4" Garden Hose Water Fill Connection (1ea)
  • Heat Trace and Insulated Black Water Tank (1ea)
  • Heat Trace and Insulated Grey Water Tank (1ea)
  • Heat Trace and Insulated Freshwater Tank (1ea)
  • Emergency Eyewash Station: Mounted Aquarion AQ100 (1ea)
  • Toilet: Foot Flush Thetford (1ea)
  • Sink: 18" Single Bowl, Faucet, with Plastic Top, Aluminum Vanity, and Mirror (1ea)
  • Pressure Pump for Freshwater Supply: 1-HP GRUNDFOS MQ Series (1ea)
  • Grey Water Discharge Pump: 3/4 HP with Auto / Manual / Off Switch (1ea)
  • Diesel Fired Water Heater VH1-DTS (1ea)
  • First Stage Shower System per Station (3ea), Verticle 1.0 Shower Nozzles, and (1ea) 1.0 Nozzle Mounted to the Ceiling. Manual Control Valve. 1-QD Fitting for Use of Shower Wand or Brush with Control Valve (2ea)
  • Rinse Shower System per Station with (3ea) Vertical 1.0 Shower Nozzles, and (1ea) 1.0 Nozzles Mounted to the Ceiling. Manual Control Valve. 1-QD Fitting for Use of Shower Wand or Brush with Control Valve (2ea)
  • Shower Curtains (2ea)
  • Winterization System with Blow Down Fitting to Connect to Water Piping System Drain Down Valves (1ea)
  • Exterior Swing Out Shower Boom with Three Spray Nozzles. Interior Mounted Shut Off Valve. Exterior Drain Down Valve for Winterization of Boom. Mounted on Curb Side (1ea)


  • A/C Roof MTD 13,500 BTU Cool With 5,600 BTU Heat Strip (1ea)
  • Aluminum Storage Shelf Section with 4-Shelves and Cargo Net Cover (1ea)
  • Bench Seat with Storage Below and 3" Padded Cushion (1ea)
  • Exterior 10' Awning with Privacy Curtain Set: Mounted on Curb Side (1ea)
  • Containment Berm 8' X 10' with Grating for Exterior Shower (1ea)
  • Sump Pump: 1/6HP with 1" Discharge Hose and CAM Lock Fittings (Able to Pump into 1" Connection on Grey Water Tank (1ea)


Financing available with deposit and approved credit. Call us today for more information at 1-877-600-8645. 




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