Park Model Luxury ADA + 7 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer
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Park Model Luxury ADA + 7 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer

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5 Toilets
1 ADA Toilets
2 Urinals
Up to 750 Guests
ADA Compliant
5 Sinks
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The Luxury 7 Station + ADA Portable Restrooms assures you that the upscale restroom facilities are above expectations with features including a 3 room layout with men's, women's and separate ADA suite.

The Women's suite is equipped with 3 luxury private full-length restroom stalls with full-flush china toilets just like home. The Men's suite includes 2 full flush urinals with privacy dividers and 2 luxury private full-length restroom stalls.

The ADA suite comes equipped with ADA-Compliant fixtures and full flush ADA china toilets. Each suite comes with large, private full 6-panel solid wood stained privacy doors and occupancy locks.

All suites include custom wood cabinetry with storage for supplies, high quality laminate vanity counters with dual designer sinks and metered faucets, , full flush China toilets and urinals, wide easy entry stairs with handrails, and climate control with air conditioning.

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