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A Portable Restroom Rental Solution During GE’s Remodeling

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Portable Restroom Trailers in Facility Solutions


Out with the old, in with the new! At some point in every building’s life, a little TLC is needed. This is especially true when it comes to restrooms. To ensure a pleasant experience, it is best to keep this important room of a building clean, polished, and pristine. When a remodel is necessary, a portable restroom rental is available to ensure that guests still have a comfortable restroom to use despite construction.

When the Cincinnati plant of GE saw the need to remodel their restroom, they knew who to call, and we were able and ready to send over a portable restroom rental quickly. They had a unique need, so we were eager to listen and find the perfect match for them.


General Electric is a company that has led at the forefront of technological development for over a century. Founded by none other than Thomas Edison himself, the company provided everyday amenities including lighting, transportation, industrial products, power transmission, and medical equipment.

By 1890, Edison had combined all of his creative innovations under one company roof called the Edison General Electric Company. After decades of learning, growth, and updates in technology, the company now offers a wide variety of goods and services, from home washers and dryers to healthcare advancements and aviation.

General Electric is proud to be one of the most diverse companies today, ensuring that jobs are available for workers of all levels, from student to expert. They also encourage and support women in leadership positions and pride themselves on creating a work environment that helps every employee succeed everyday.

Considering the pride they take in their employee care, it comes as no surprise that GE is determined to ensure that every aspect of the work environment is exceptional, from a functional board room to up-to-date restrooms. When they saw the need for remodeling, they wanted to provide employees with the same positive work experience they’re accustomed to.

As the renovations began and the company realized they needed a temporary restroom solution for employees, they gave us a call and we were ready to step in.


This company sees a high volume of employees daily and saw the need for an upscale bathroom option that could comfortably service them at a frequent rate throughout the day. We were happy to provide GE with some portable restroom rental options.

Given the demographics of this company’s staff, which is comprised of mostly male workers, we suggested the 11 Station Male Dominant Portable Restroom Rental (9-2) Station, Classic Series. This restroom rental is unique in that it is outfitted with a larger male restroom suite and a smaller female suite, ensuring that a bathroom is available for those need it.

This 29-foot long male dominant portable restroom rental has an exterior designed for cleanliness and durability. It is fitted with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and 1150 gallon waste tank to allow for high volume use throughout the busy work day.The aluminum steps are sturdy and rails are added for safe and secure entry.

The female suite is fitted with two stalls with privacy walls, a sink, and shatter-proof mirror. The men’s suite has six stalls, three urinals, a triple-sink vanity and mirror. Each stall has flushable china toilets, a paper towel dispenser, and hand dryer.

This portable restroom rental has an elegantly designed black and white interior and ample lighting. Despite this being a trailer for basic staff use, the Male Dominant Trailer provides a truly upscale experience with its clean interior design, welcoming users into a high end bathroom experience. Despite its casual purpose, employees can count on an elevated restroom experience.

Each restroom suite has air conditioning and heat strips to ensure that the interior climate is always comfortable no matter what outside weather may be like. The portable restroom rental also has insulated walls and ceiling to further maintain that comfortable interior temperature.

An additional feature that accompanies the male dominant portable restroom rental is the Smarter Restrooms App. This feature is great for those who are in charge of managing the restroom suite. System operators are able to monitor the unit remotely from a phone, tablet or laptop, enabling them to monitor the temperature, fresh water and waste tank levels, and more.


We were so happy to provide GE with a portable restroom rental that fit their specific needs and are always proud to work with a company that values and cares for its employees.

Do you have a portable restroom rental need? If you’re remodeling, working on a temporary site, planning an event, or anything else, we’ve got the restroom rentals you need! Drop us a line and let’s customize a perfect fit for you!

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