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Portable Restroom Rentals Provide Hurricane Relief for a Fourth Generation Fish Company

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Jenn Piorkowski in Diaster Relief, Restroom Rentals

A company that takes time to value its employees is one that knows how to succeed long term. In the past 20 years, we have seen revolutionary changes in the workplace. Time off is more encouraged, office environment feels more like a second home, and companies are more willing to be concerned with the mental health of their employees, ensuring they live a full life outside of the workplace. Portable restroom rentals provide much support needed in hurricane relief for one special fourth generation fish company on the east coast.

With the various perks that companies offer today, like office snacks, nap nooks, and even office games, it is important to remember to think about basic amenities. Free snacks will bring joy to almost anyone, but that perk could be ruined by something like an out-of-date or damaged restroom.

ACME Smoked Fish has been in business since 1905 and have learned a thing or two about employee care. They recently realized their need for a restroom upgrade and contacted us for a portable restroom rental solution during renovations after the effects of Hurricane Florence.


Back in the year 1905, an immigrant named Harry Brownstein arrived in Brooklyn from Russia. He decided to start selling smoked fish to the local stores by horse and carriage, and this business proved to be a profitable one.

Demand for Harry’s smoked fish steadily grew through the years, and by 1937, he partnered with Mike Seltzerman to open a smoked fish company in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. True to its small business roots, the family came together to help the business thrive. A fish smoker named Rubin started working for the company and fell in love with Harry’s daughter. They married, and when Harry’s sons left the Army, they joined the team as well.

Once they learned the business well, the family decided to branch out and open their own company. In 1954, ACME was branded, Harry chose the name Acme not only for its literal translation of “best in the business,” but also so it could be listed first alphabetically in the phone book.

There business continued to see plenty of success, adding the pickled herring to the production list in 1965, and securing Big Apple and Bohack Supermarkets as their first supermarket chain customers in 1968.

In 1969, Harry passes away, but not without leaving a proud legacy of family and business behind. His sons spearheaded the company and continued to see growth and success as the years passed.

As the third generation graduated from college, they joined the family team beginning in 1970. The company flourishes and grows, and soon has to acquire the building beside it to support production. By the early 1980s, ACME was changing the game with vacuum pack technology and different flavors of salmon.

Over the next couple decades, the company welcomed a brand refresh and new logo, increases sales nationwide, and welcomes the fourth generation of family members into the fold. By late 2000, a west coast office is established in Los Angeles to service the growing demand of smoked fish on that side of the country. New brands are revealed that live under the ACME company umbrella, like Blue Hill Bay and Ruby Bay Smoked Seafood.

Today, the business continues to thrive and could be considered by most to be an American Dream success story. The family should be proud of what they’ve built and the quality product they continue to sell.


With over a century of experience under their belt, ACME knows how to care for its employees. When Hurricane Florence hit and bathrooms were deemed unusable, the quickly sought out a solution so that employees could continue working. When they described their need, we had a perfect portable restroom rental solution.

The 10 Station Portable Restrooms Rental, Classic Series, is a 24-foot restroom trailer equipped for high-volume use with an 865-gallon waste tank and 200-gallon fresh water tank. Visitors are greeted by a clean and fresh exterior that is built with aluminum steps and handrails for safe and convenient access. The entryway to each suite has ample lighting above the door for added safety and easy entry during anytime, day or night.

The men’s suite includes 2 privacy stalls and 3 urinals, while the women’s suite includes 5 privacy stalls. Each stall of the women’s suite has a flushing china toilet that flushes with the step of a pedal. The suite is equipped with a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel dispenser for a full and upscale restroom experience.

The men’s suite also has flushing toilets in each privacy stall, and urinals are given some added privacy with walls separating each one. Two sink vanities and shatterproof mirrors finish out the men’s suite, with a paper towel dispenser for hand drying.

The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.

The final feature of this portable restroom rental is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app allows unit managers to operate the unite remotely on a phone, tablet or laptop. The app allows for access to system operations like temperature, waste and fresh water tank levels, and more.

This unit is a perfect temporary solution as ACME renovates after Hurricane Florence. If you are an employer looking for a portable restroom rental solution, we can help! Drop us a line and let’s ensure that your employees can enjoy an upscale temporary restroom experience.

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