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Portable Shower Trailer Rentals

Portable shower trailer rentals are a unique turnkey sanitary solution. When the need for onsite portable showers arises, it may be difficult to weigh your options as they are limited. Portable showers exist, but are often designed for campsites. The showers themselves offer little to no privacy and are often difficult to set up, move, or use. The shower trailer rental solves this problem.


Shower Trailer Rentals | Portable Shower Rentals

Shower Trailer Rental Sizes

With units that service up to 10 at a time, we are proud to provide a unique line of shower trailer rentals that work well for a variety of industries. Our showers have been used for diverse needs, like campsites, sporting arenas, temporary worksites, and more


We ensure that our shower trailer rentals are comfortable, cleanly designed, and inviting. Non Slip designer flooring is used throughout the bottom of the unit. Visitors stay comfortable while using the shower with insulated walls and ceiling. Air conditioning and heat strips further control the interior climate for comfort.

Designed for Convenience & Comfort

Overall, our shower trailer rentals were designed not only for convenience and comfort for users, but to make sure that you are well represented when using them at your workspace, venue, or event. Our goal is to contribute to the good standing of your brand. No need to sacrifice amenities with portable restroom options any longer - with us, quality is the number one priority and we can guarantee that your guests will be impressed.


How do I rent a shower trailer?

To rent a shower trailer, you can contact us. We specialize in portable sanitation solutions. We will help you with selecting the appropriate trailer size, amenities, scheduling delivery & pickup,  pricing & payment options.

What sizes are available for shower trailers rentals?

Shower trailers come in various sizes in order to accommodate your specific needs. Common sizes include trailers with 2 to 8 shower stations, but larger trailers are also available for larger events or higher demand.

What amenities are typically included?

Shower trailer rentals typically include individual shower stalls with hot and cold water, private changing areas, mirrors, interior lighting, and seating areas. Luxury models may offer additional amenities such as air conditioning, heating, or luxury fixtures.

Are portable shower trailer rentals suitable for outdoor events?

Yes, portable shower trailer rentals are specifically designed for outdoor events and locations where permanent shower facilities are unavailable or inadequate. They are commonly used at music festivals, camping sites, construction projects, and sports events.

How long are the rental periods?

The rental period can vary based on your needs. You can rent them for a single day, a weekend, a week, or longer durations, depending on the duration of your event or project.

How much does it cost to rent a shower trailer?

The cost of renting a shower trailer depends on factors such as the trailer size, duration of rental, location, additional amenities, and any extra services required (such as cleaning or servicing). Contact us for a quote today!

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