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4 Station Portable Laundry Trailer - 4 Season

Up to 1,000 Miles

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Comfort Series

The Comfort Series is the perfect introductory line of restroom trailers rental businesses meeting both short-term and long-term restroom facility solutions. This line offers a simplified, clean design featuring convenience, comfort, and privacy on any budget. Each one of our Comfort restroom trailers are engineered to provide efficient use of resources while providing its users with all the amenities they demand in a public restroom.

Comfort Series Trailers Come in All Sizes 

Our Comfort line of restroom trailers varies in size from small 2 and 3 station units to larger 10 station units equipped to handle larger crowds. They are designed with simplistic, warm interiors that can be easily cleaned and sanitized.


We partnered with a top manufacturer to create a line of restroom trailers that could satisfy a variety of business needs. Each restroom is designed with interiors that will impress a wide range of guests, from those shopping at a retail store to executives who need restroom access during important meetings. The Comfort Elite Series has an option for every industry!


We also know how important it is to ensure that all who need to use the restroom have access to it. For businesses looking to prioritize a comfortable and inclusive brand experience for all, the ADA restroom trailers in this collection do just that. Instead of spending funds building out an accessible brick-and-mortar option, save money while ensuring you don’t sacrifice customer experience with these ADA-compliant restroom trailers.


Shower trailers are a unique business solution for many business models, so we knew that this series needed to include this option!  From patients and busy staff at hospitals to recreational venues like gyms, pools, campgrounds and more, Comfort Series Shower Trailers provide an easy solution for staff and guests alike.


These options and more are now available in our inventory. Spend time browsing the Comfort Series of portable restroom trailers and find the perfect bathroom solution for your company today! 


There are many reasons that a temporary restroom solution may be needed in your environment. We’ve seen businesses use them as an upgrade from porta-potties at events, on worksites, and at outdoor venues like boating docks and campsites. 


We’ve seen cities use portable bathrooms for rent to improve tourism, using them as public restroom options that are available for visitors and locals alike. They’ve provided a little relief during disasters, supporting first responders and giving those who have been displaced a restroom option with the amenities of home.


Studies are beginning to show that the bathroom has a lasting effect on those who use them. No matter how much work you put into designing that perfect event, creating an office space that feels like home, or setting up the ideal temporary workspace at offsite locations for projects, all your hard work could be for naught if the restroom is not up to par.


What is a nice restroom? What is it that users are hoping to experience when they inevitably visit your bathroom? Cleanliness is at the top of the list, but what about design? What about the time put into this space that makes it feel like a part of the overall venue experience? 


At Portable Restroom Trailers, we have made it our goal to specialize in upscale bathroom trailer rental options so that when you have a restroom need, we have a vast inventory of solutions. No matter what industry you’re in, from construction to transportation, project management to festival production, we have an option that will not only satisfy guests but elevate their overall experience with your brand. 


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to provide your guests, whoever they may be, with an experience that doesn’t end at the restroom door. Many managers in every industry underestimate the importance of this mundane space. If everything about your venue, office, or workspace is comfortable and stylishly designed, who is really giving the restroom a second thought? Studies continue to prove the importance of well-designed restrooms, and the reason? Your brand experience doesn’t end at the restroom door. Users will take it all in and consider it a major factor when rating their overall experience in your space.


Overall, there is no argument: when it comes to temporary restroom options, you can’t go wrong with portable restroom trailers. Completely self-contained, easy to operate, and thoughtfully designed, we are here to provide you with the perfect solution to your restroom problems.Comfort Series Restroom Trailers

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