2 Station Environmental Decontamination Shower Trailer Rental

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2 Station Environmental Decontamination Shower Trailer Rental

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When working on construction sites with older buildings, workers will inevitably come in contact with toxins. In order to keep these workers safe, the decon shower trailer rental was invented. It ensures that these harmful toxins are properly washed away, handled, and disposed of in a safe manner. Here’s how:

Step one: after the workday is finished, employees enter the back end of the decon trailer and are able to undress in a private environment. They leave their contaminated work clothes in this private room for proper cleaning.

Step two: employees enter the next room, where showers are provided. They are able to wash themselves to ensure that any contaminated soot left on their bodies is properly cleaned off.

Step three: the employees then enter the cleanroom, where lockers with clean clothing and their belongings await. They exit the front end of the decon trailer ready to head home and relax.

This concept has allowed workers to get those more toxic jobs done without harming themselves or taking those toxins home to their loved ones. This 2 Station decon shower trailer rental supports up to 125 visitors before needing maintenance. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greet guests and ensure that they have safe and easy access. 

The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to make sure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Two private showers await each visitor, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use. Equipped with an 80-gallon waste tank and a water heater, you can ensure employees get a thorough rinse on this decon shower trailer.

To ensure the entire shower trailer maintains a comfortable climate, a 13.5K AC unit and heat strips are installed and able to adjust the temperature so that outdoor weather does not affect the interior’s experience. As an added measure, insulated walls and ceiling surround the entire unit, further aiding in keeping the interior temperature just right.

Keep your hardworking team safe with the 2 Station Decon Shower Trailer Rental - get yours today!

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