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Restroom Trailers for Construction Sites

Over our years of business, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of industries. You’d be surprised who ends up needing portable bathrooms, from chocolate factories to upscale neighborhoods, restaurants to parks. One industry that has been with us from the start is construction.

Construction Company Employee Retention

What is special and unique about construction companies is that, more often than not, their employees are working away from the office. These locations are usually empty lots, fields, or buildings in need of serious repair. Our services are a natural and consistent fit for them. They are constantly on the go, and typically work long days in locations that don’t have buildings, let alone a good portable restroom option.

We are always excited to partner with construction companies as we get to see the before and after pictures of what they’re building. From apartment buildings to the new trendy restaurant spots, construction is an exciting business that is constantly new and exciting.

Portable Restroom Trailers for Construction

comfortable restroom experience

Portable Restroom Trailers

Chances are, if you work in construction, you’ve already gotten to experience one of our portable bathrooms on a construction site. A serious upgrade from the standard porta potty, our trailers offer a comfortable experience with all of the amenities of a home bathroom. Below, we’ve chosen a few portable bathrooms that we think are a perfect fit for construction sites. They allow your employees to have a positive and comfortable restroom experience despite working location and conditions.

Construction Site Portable Restroom Options:

  • We have a variety of shower trailers available to support staff working during those warm weather months.
  • Explore ADA options to provide an inclusive portable restroom experience for your staff
  • See luxury collections like the Tradewinds Series for high-level executives and to impress your best clients
  • Upgrade to a portable restroom with a shower to give your employees the option of working late on a job before they go out at night. 

Show staff that you care: an upgrade in your portable restroom option can help! With our portable bathrooms, many companies have chosen to ditch porta-potties and provide staff with a more humane and elegant restroom option. We encourage construction industry leaders and managers to browse our collection of rentals and units available for purchase and find a portable restroom option that will make the job a little more comfortable for your employees than a sweaty, smelly porta potty. Discover your ideal portable restroom today!


Benefits of Portable Restrooms For Construction

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