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Throughout the many industries that exist today, many are surprised to hear that some of these jobs come face-to-face with a wide variety of toxins on a regular basis. From lead that lingers in old buildings to asbestos on construction sites, these toxins are common but harmful, and it’s important to ensure that they are handled with care. That’s where decon trailers come in.

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Facing these toxins is most common on construction sites, where the demolishing, updating, and reconstruction process of buildings take place. Mobile decontamination trailers are also seen on military bases, rehab facilities, hospitals, Command Centers, and more.

Mass Decontamination Solutions

When toxins are known to be present, decon showers are the ideal decontamination solution for properly containing harmful chemicals. After working on sites where toxins are likely to dwell, decon shower trailers allow workers to rid themselves of harmful layers in a way that is safe for the environment and your employees. It also helps after a natural disaster strikes, ensuring that the community can get decontaminated as they begin to rebuild.


What is a decon trailer?

A decon trailer, short for decontamination trailer, is a portable unit designed for on-site decontamination processes. It provides a controlled environment for cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating personnel, equipment, or materials.

What are decon shower trailers used for?

Decon shower trailers are commonly used in emergency response situations, hazardous material incidents, industrial settings, and healthcare facilities. They serve as mobile decontamination stations to remove contaminants, minimize the spread of hazardous substances, and ensure the safety of individuals and the environment.

What features are typically found in a decontamination shower trailer?

Decontamination shower trailers are equipped with features such as water tanks, showers, sinks, specialized filtration systems, chemical dispensers, waste storage, and ventilation systems. These features enable effective decontamination procedures and ensure the safety and comfort of users.

How does a decontamination trailer work?

The specific operation of a decontamination trailer can vary based on its design and purpose. Generally, users enter the trailer, remove contaminated clothing or equipment, and proceed through a series of decontamination steps, including showering, rinsing, and potentially using specialized cleaning agents. The trailer's systems handle water supply, filtration, wastewater management, and ventilation to maintain a controlled and safe environment.

Are mobile decontamination units customizable?

Yes, mobile decontamination units can be customized to meet specific decontamination requirements. Depending on the application, features and equipment can be tailored to the intended use, ensuring compatibility with the contaminants being addressed and the needs of the users.

Can portable decon shower trailers be rented or purchased?

Portable decon shower trailers are available for both rental and purchase. Rental options provide flexibility for short-term needs or specific events, while purchasing allows for long-term ownership and customization based on ongoing requirements.

Are Hazmat Shower trailers self-contained?

Yes, hazmat shower trailers are designed to be self-contained units. They typically have their own power sources, water supply systems, and waste management capabilities, allowing them to operate independently in various locations, including remote or disaster-stricken areas.

What certifications or standards should hazmat decon trailers meet?

Hazmat decon trailers should adhere to relevant industry standards and regulations, depending on their intended use. These may include standards set by government agencies, health and safety organizations, or specific industry requirements.

How often should decon trailers be maintained?

Regular maintenance of decon trailers is crucial to ensure their optimal functionality and reliability. The specific maintenance schedule may vary depending on usage, but routine inspections, cleaning, equipment checks, and servicing should be conducted to keep the trailers in proper working order.

Can mass decon trailers be used for other purposes besides decontamination?

While mass decon trailers are primarily designed for decontamination processes, they can be versatile and adaptable for other applications. Depending on the configuration and features, decon trailers can serve as mobile shower units, portable healthcare facilities, field laboratories, or specialized workstations in various industries.

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