Gender Specific Restroom Rentals

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Gender Specific Bathroom Rentals

Here at PRT, we regularly provide portable restroom trailers to employers whose workforces are dominated by one gender or the other.  Over the years, we’ve learned that you can never judge a book by its cover regarding gender balance in the workforce, so we created customizable male/ female dominant portable restroom options for those businesses that need more to rent gender-specific trailers. 


Gender Specific Restroom Trailer Rentals | Gender Specific Bathroom Rentals

Bathroom Trailers To Accommodate Any Gender Ratio

Most of our trailers can be customized to accommodate any gender ratio, so we can typically accommodate requests without trouble.  Sometimes the request is for an entirely male-only restroom - other times, a single female stall is included as a courtesy for visitors. In other cases, female dominant staff may need a large restroom while the men need just one or two stalls. In any case, we can typically offer the option of renting gender-specific trailers that perfectly match our customers' requirements.  

Browse Our Rental Inventory of Gender-Specific Bathroom Trailers

No matter what your workforce looks like, we can provide you with a restroom trailer rental to accommodate it. These gender-specific bathroom trailer options are well-designed, efficient, and will show your staff that you care. Browse available options now and request a quote for custom-made options!

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