Buy Back Policy

What is our Buy-Back Policy?

Portable Restroom Trailers LLC offers up to 80% of the purchase price within six months of purchasing with us!

How does it work?

The following are the requirements to be considered for our buy-back policy:
  1. The portable restroom trailer must initially be purchased through our company.

  2. The portable restroom trailer has to be a brand new unit from the current year sold within the United States.

  3. You must contact us within six months of the purchase of your portable restroom trailer.

  4. The purchase and pricing are subject to the condition determined at the inspection. Time-frame will be determined at the time of inspection.

  5. For the inspection power and water will be required.

  6. We pay up to 80% of the retail purchase price! *

*Excludes park model/skids, PODS, units without a waste tank. Must be within the continental US. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Islands within the continental US. Must be easily accessible.