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When our CEO first started Portable Restroom Trailers, her goal was to design unique portable bathrooms that satisfied a wide variety of needs. She was looking to disrupt the industry by not just supplying a basic toilet and sink, but going the extra mile with design, added amenities, and everything you might find in a brick-and-mortar restroom option, only portable. As we grew and got more creative, laundry trailer rentals were introduced.

We have used laundry trailer rentals to aid a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and businesses. Volunteer organizations put them to use by providing washers and dryers for affected families and individuals during natural disasters. Hospitals and hotels need them to quickly and efficiently clean linens.

Laundry trailer rentals continue to support many other industries as well, including those in the catering industry, campsites, sporting complexes, and so much more. With a wide range of sizes, we offer laundry trailers at a variety of price points to ensure all businesses that need them can have them.

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