Decontamination Trailer Rentals

Decon Trailer Rentals

Throughout the many industries that exist today, many are surprised to hear that some of these jobs come face-to-face with a wide variety of toxins on a regular basis. From lead that lingers in old buildings to asbestos on construction sites, these toxins are common but harmful, and it’s important to ensure that they are handled with care. That's where the decon trailer rental comes in.


Decontamination Trailer Rentals | Decon Trailer Rental

Mobile Decontamination Solutions

Facing these toxins is most common on construction sites, where the demolishing, updating, and reconstruction process of buildings take place. They are also seen on military bases, rehab facilities, hospitals, Command Centers, and more.

Decontamination Shower Trailer Rentals

When toxins are known to be present, decontamination shower trailer rentals are the ideal solution for properly containing harmful chemicals. After working on sites where toxins are likely to dwell, companies that rent decon trailers allow workers to rid themselves of harmful layers in a way that is safe for the environment and their employees. It also helps after a natural disaster strikes, ensuring that the community can get decontaminated as they begin to rebuild.


What is a decontamination trailer rental?

A decontamination trailer rental is a portable unit designed for the purpose of decontamination and cleaning in hazardous or contaminated environments. It contains specialized equipment and facilities to safely remove contaminants from people or equipment.

How do I rent a decontamination trailer?

To rent a decontamination trailer, contact us for a free quote! We specialize in providing decontamination solutions. We will guide you through the rental process, help you choose the appropriate trailer size and equipment, schedule delivery & pickup, pricing and payment options.

What equipment is included?

Features such as shower stalls, water tanks, filtration systems, chemical dispensing units, and waste storage tanks. They may also have separate areas for undressing and storing contaminated clothing.

Are decon shower trailer rentals suitable for outdoor events?

Decon shower trailer rentals are used in industrial, emergency response, or hazardous environments. They are commonly used in situations such as chemical spills, hazardous material incidents, or in areas where workers may be exposed to contaminants.

How long are the rental periods?

The rental periods can vary based on your needs. It may depend on the duration of your project, emergency response needs, or the nature of the hazardous situation.

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