Restroom Trailers for the Event Industry

High-class Restroom Trailers for Casual, Formal, or Black Tie Events

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Restroom Trailers for Events

Event planners and enthusiasts: this one’s for you! As we think back on the years of extraordinary events that we’ve seen, our admiration for this industry continues to grow. Event professionals not only create amazing activities, but also priceless experiences and memories. Our restroom trailers have allowed us to travel the country and see so much success first-hand.

Special Project & Events

Anticipating those things that go wrong makes you an excellent manager, especially when it comes to events and special projects. Ensuring that you have access to the necessary contacts, tools, and resources that can save an event from those mistakes is a big part of the job. That’s why we are proud to partner with managers and provide portable bathrooms for rent when needed. When all else goes wrong, the last thing you want to worry about is the bathroom. Many outdoor venues may not have an upscale option, and offsite work projects may take your team to locations where a restroom is not provided.

Outdoor Event or Additional Bathrooms for a Venue

If you work in the event business, you will eventually come across an event that is outdoors with no brick-and-mortar restroom options or a venue that doesn’t quite service the volume of guests you’ll have. That’s where we step in.

Outdoor Event or Additional Bathrooms for a Venue

Inventory of Bathroom Trailers for Events

Elegant Restroom Trailer Options

As you begin to plan your events to come, start thinking about what those events will need. We are here to ensure that you have an elegant restroom option with restroom trailers! From tailgating parties to music festivals, weddings to boat shows, we see it all and are ready to provide you with a restroom option that doesn’t force attendees to suffer through a porta potty experience.

Luxury Events 

  • See luxury collections like the Tradewinds Series to provide your guests with high-end experiences at your formal events and galas

Casual Events

  • For casual events, restroom trailers in the Satellite Collection can comfortably support a wide variety of gatherings

ADA Compliant Restrooms

  • Explore ADA options to provide an inclusive portable restroom experience for your visitors and staff

Upgrade to a Portable Shower Trailer

  • Upgrade to a portable shower trailer to give your employees the option to clean up after a long day of production and tech support

Browse Our Inventory of Restroom Trailers for Events

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, it is our job to provide you with restroom trailers for rent designed to complement the atmosphere that you have created. From casual to formal to black tie, we have options that are suitable for every need. As you finalize your outlines and plans for the year’s events, read about our restroom trailers and discover five reasons why you’ll love them. Then, head over to our rentals and browse these options for yourself! 


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