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We know that you want a trustworthy partner that has a wide range of trailer options with transparent pricing. You also want a durable trailer that was made right here in the USA. You deserve to be treated like the very best client every time you interact with us. We have helped thousands of businesses, municipalities, and event planners by providing the perfect trailer for their needs.

Whether you buy or rent from us, you will experience 5-star service. With new purchases, you receive our industry-leading buy-back policy. With our large, experienced rental team, we provide you with complete service and support. All the information you need to make the right decision is at your fingertips. With over 15 years of producing and renting the most durable and attractive trailers let Portable Restroom Trailers put you first.

Top Quality, Transparent Pricing, Trusted Support. Portable Restroom Trailers.


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  1. Portable Toilet Rentals for Restaurant and Bars
    If you are a restaurant or bar owner looking for an easy restroom solution for your increase in visitors, look no further! Our portable toilet rentals are specially designed for a variety of needs, and we know that you need to provide an option that is as elegant as your establishment’s environment. It’s said that the world’s most universal language...
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  2. 5 Rental Portable Toilets for Hospitals
    This time last year, the world began to change in a way that none of us could have anticipated. We packed up our offices and began working from home, needed to wear masks in public to keep others and ourselves safe, and to add a little light humor to the situation, the world's toilet paper supply seemed to disappear overnight...
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  3. Portable Toilet Rentals Upgrade Outdoor Events
    Over the years, we have built an impressive inventory of portable toilet rentals. We have designed a trailer for every occasion, from construction sites to black tie events and everything in between. When our owner first broke into the sanitation business, she noticed that portable toilet rentals provided a very basic experience. They only contained what was absolutely necessary, did...
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