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We know that you want a trustworthy partner that has a wide range of trailer options with transparent pricing. You also want a durable trailer that was made right here in the USA. You deserve to be treated like the very best client every time you interact with us. We have helped thousands of businesses, municipalities, and event planners by providing the perfect trailer for their needs.

Whether you buy or rent from us, you will experience 5-star service. With new purchases, you receive our industry-leading buy-back policy. With our large, experienced rental team, we provide you with complete service and support. All the information you need to make the right decision is at your fingertips. With over 15 years of producing and renting the most durable and attractive trailers let Portable Restroom Trailers put you first.

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I was very impressed with the look and functionality of the 3 station unit we rented for our event. It was very clean
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We are a Custom Fabrication facility located in Irmo, SC. On very short notice, we called Portable Restroom Trailers
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We needed to add more restrooms for staff at our cheese factory for 6 months. We contacted Portable Restroom

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  1. Empowering Communities with Portable Restroom Trailers
    Empowering Communities with Portable Restroom Trailers
    As we enter the depths of the summer months, we also enter the height of the outdoor social season. Festivals, charity events, days in the park, and camping trips are all hallmarks of this time of year. They get everyone outside together and bring communities closer together. Although it can be an overlooked detail for guests, proper facilities are vital to the success of these events, and one such facility is the restroom. Here’s how mobile restroom trailers play a small part in making a big difference. Making Park Days Accessible Historically, trips to the park haven’t been a walk in the park for everyone. Those who experience health challenges that require frequent restroom use have often found difficulty with the lack of facilities available to them. With the widespread use of portable restroom trailers, parks are more prepared for those with disabilities, both visible and invisible. Additionally, a wide range of ADA restroom trailers are on the market today. These make trips to the park and the bathroom accessible for those with mobility issues. Everyone needs to use the restroom, and everyone should have equal access to facilities, no matter where they are. Portable restrooms offer comfortable, accessible bathroom facilities so no one in your community feels left behind on a sunny day out. Comfort During Disaster Natural disasters cause a great deal of heartache for affected communities but also introduce many issues in the aftermath. Damage to homes and businesses leaves many needing a place to shower, use the restroom, or do laundry. The last thing you want during a crisis is to feel like you have nowhere to go, and sometimes, a warm shower and fresh clothes can make all the difference in feeling a bit more normal in a bad situation. Mobile laundry trailers, shower trailer rentals, and restroom trailers are all available for communities impacted by disasters. They offer a comfort that your run-of-the-mill plastic porta-potty can’t–something that looks and feels more like home. Normalcy is a beacon of hope in times of need, and these trailers offer a taste of that. Helping Those Experiencing Homelessness Winter is often the time that people focus on community outreach for those suffering from a lack of housing. Cold weather and the holidays remind people of the luxuries they have: a roof over their heads and warm meals. For people experiencing homelessness, though, these unmet needs are felt all year round. Often, those struggling with homelessness go for extended periods of time without showers and wear the same dirty clothes day after day. This causes significant hygiene issues within struggling groups and can create roadblocks when finding jobs or connecting with other community members. Portable shower trailers and laundry units can meet these hygiene concerns. These units offer a safe and private place for struggling individuals to get themselves and their clothes clean. These units are well suited for charities working in outreach, as they are reliable and easily moved between vulnerable locations. Not only do these facilities help people without homes restore a feeling of cleanliness and dignity, but they also help them take one step further in overcoming their current challenges. Clean clothes and a fresh shave can be a game-changer in a job interview, putting them on the right track and changing their lives. Mental well-being can start with physical well-being, and these units offer the opportunity to improve both in a way that brings communities together and propels them forward. Are you a non-profit looking to add support to your fleet? Check out our dedicated resource page, which has information tailored especially to you. Let us help you in your work to help others. Championing Community Events Whether it’s a charity gala or a community picnic event, black-tie or slip-and-slides, events like these do so much for an area's unity. Wherever the venue may be, restroom trailers can be there to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Municipalities can take advantage of the great weather the summer months offer by hosting these events outdoors, and restroom trailers make that possible by bringing the proper facilities wherever needed. Regardless of where the event is or how many will attend, there is a trailer that can help you achieve your goals of uniting your community. There are many trailers available that can service guest lists, both big and small. Don’t worry about your trailer holding up to the whole community coming out for your event…your success shouldn’t be cause for concern, and restroom trailers are up for the task. Sporting events, festivals, outdoor concerts, movie nights, and barbeques all offer communities the chance to come out and be together. These opportunities for togetherness contribute to a sense of unity, which is so important, especially when hard times come.
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  2. How Do Restroom Trailers Work?
    How Do Restroom Trailers Work?
    You likely never think about how the restrooms in your home or traditional office building work unless you are exceptionally curious. Restroom trailers are quite a bit different from your standard brick-and-mortar bathroom, and that can raise many questions. After all, where does everything go? How does it actually work? Well, we happen to know the answers to those questions and many more. We decided to unlock the mysteries of the universe, or at least of restroom trailers. Anatomy No, no, no, not that kind of anatomy…we are not your high school biology teacher, and by now, you should hopefully know about all of that. We mean the anatomy of a restroom trailer. Most trailers have standard bathroom essentials: toilets, sinks, lights, and, in some cases, showers. From the user experience perspective, a restroom trailer isn’t all that different from any other restroom they’ve ever used. The differences are in what’s going on behind the scenes. Water and Waste When you flush the toilet in a portable restroom trailer or use the sink to wash your hands, much like in your typical bathroom, water flushes waste out, and clean water comes in. However, unlike your toilet, sink, or shower at home, waste does not go directly into the city's sewer system; it goes into a holding tank. A restroom trailer typically has two or three water tanks. One holds fresh, clean water for refilling toilets, which runs in the sinks at the handwashing stations, and the other contains wastewater. In cases where there are three tanks, separate tanks for toilet and sink wastewater are provided. These tanks make managing wastewater much easier, as transporting wastewater for proper processing is simply moving tanks to and from the trailer. Now, how are you supposed to know where to put the wastewater? That is the question of the day. Dispose of Wastewater Properly We understand that there can be many questions and confusion surrounding how to dispose of waste in your septic tanks, and we’re here to help. There are a few options to consider when choosing how to dispose of wastewater in your trailer: 1. Go To a Treatment Plant: If you’ve purchased a portable restroom trailer, you can take your trailer to a wastewater treatment plant near one. One of the great benefits of trailers is their superior transportability, so you can drive your tank right on. These facilities can empty your tank and send you on your way to your next location. *Important Note: Moving trailers with full waste tanks can be dangerous as it can make them too heavy. We recommend option two as the safest method. 2. Use a Waste Removal Service: The other option you have is to call a septic tank pumping business. These are ideal, particularly if you are not stationed near a wastewater treatment facility because they can come right to you. They typically roll up in a truck with a large vacuum connected to a tank. They will suck the wastewater from your tank into their own and drive away to process that themselves. When renting a portable restroom trailer, pumper services are typically required from the vendor. Removal services typically charge a fee for on-site waste removal; however, this allows you to skip the journey to the treatment plant. At the treatment plant, water from trailers joins the water from every other traditional restroom in your area for processing. Electricity and Energy In your home or office, it’s apparent that the energy source for the lights to come on and the air conditioning to run is the electrical system the building as a whole runs on. But what about a trailer? It isn’t a building hooked into the standard electrical grid, so how does everything stay on and running? There are a few answers to this: Firstly, a trailer can be hooked up to a power generator, much like the ones you would use as a backup if the power went out in your house during a storm. These generators provide the essential electricity needed to keep the trailer's functions running. Another option is a direct hookup to a high-voltage outlet. You can find these outside or even inside many buildings. Long power cords connect the trailer to the power generated from the building. This means that, like any traditional restroom you use, the functions run on the energy from the standard power grid. There are also solar-assisted trailers on the market. These use solar panels to aid in the energy production of units so that not all of the power comes from a generator or outlet. These trailers offer a more sustainable energy alternative that reduces electrical costs and the burden on less sustainable energy sources.
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  3. Rain and Shine: Managing Restroom Trailers No Matter the Weather
    Rain and Shine: Managing Restroom Trailers No Matter the Weather
    You put a lot of effort into your event space or job site. You iron out every detail and make sure everything is just right and taken care of. We understand your desire for perfection in all you do. So, when nasty weather threatens to ruin all of your hard work, we want to assure you that, on our end, everything will be just fine. Handling wet inclement weather can be tricky but have no fear; bathroom trailers are up for the task and built to endure all sorts of conditions. We put together a guide that takes you through the ins and outs of managing your portable restroom trailer rental in less-than-ideal conditions so you can have peace of mind that your event or job site can run smoothly. Location, Location, Location Who knew that real estate and bathroom trailers valued the same things? When the sky looks rather ominous, or the weather channel has some bad news before your event, take extra care in choosing where you park your restroom trailers. You have to take into consideration all of the qualities you would have on a sunny day: How close the trailers are to your event or working space, placing them in an area accessible to all but also far enough out that it doesn’t cause a jam in the flow of foot traffic. These are all essential factors in the ideal placement of your trailers; however, adverse weather conditions add a few more to the mix. When the forecast calls for heavy rain or extreme winds, there are other considerations. Parking your trailers on solid ground, like pavement or gravel, can prevent the tires from sinking into and getting stuck in mud. Additionally, putting your trailers next to a building or large trees can help protect them from harsh winds, acting as a buffer to keep your trailer from shaking when the wind blows. Sunny Day? Seal the Deal You might think that the only weather you have to make accommodations for is freezing cold or rainy weather. After all, pipes could freeze, leaks could happen, and the whole works. (Check this out for tips on how to winterize your trailer.) However, it’s important to consider what your fleet needs on a hot, sunny day, too. Many portable restroom trailers have air conditioning units, which can be a lifesaver in the warmer months and keep your guests happy. You should make specific considerations with these trailers to keep them in good shape and working properly. One such consideration is power cords. It might seem like a given but ensure that you pack with you a power cord long enough to reach from your power source to your unit. If you stretch a cord out too far, the air conditioning unit within the trailer may not work correctly, making your trailer an oven on a hot day. Strategically placing your trailer in a shady area can also be helpful on particularly sunny days in the warmer months. This maintains a more pleasant temperature in the trailer and is essential if your fleet doesn’t include air-conditioned units. Prepping for Your Guests When the weather looks unpleasant, ensuring your guests have a positive restroom experience is more important than ever. Prioritizing your users' experience is a great way to show clients, guests, and employees that you care, but it can also help put their safety first. In icy conditions, or when snow is on the forecast, salting the pavement that leads to your trailers helps prevent water from freezing over and creating a fall risk. Also, ensure that the ramps and stairs up to your units are ice-free. When snow accumulates, shoveling the path to and from the restrooms helps people get there quickly and safely, and they will surely appreciate not having to trek through the snow to relieve themselves. If the wind allows, when it is raining or snowing, tents or canopies that provide shelter from the elements will help those queuing for the facilities stay dry and warm. This is especially important at upscale events, where the precipitation may ruin fancy clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup. These coverings are also essential on sunny days as well, providing a cool place to line up for the restrooms, away from the sun. These little additions require a bit of extra time and investment in products but are critical to keeping those using restroom trailers happy, safe, and dry. Trailer Maintenance We have discussed trailer maintenance before, but we still have to say it now: maintaining your trailer correctly is essential, no matter the weather. If anything, it’s more important to keep your trailer spick-and-span when conditions are worse. Before leaving to set up, make sure that your trailer has everything it needs for the lousy weather. Road salts, canopies, and floor mats may all be necessary throughout the day, so be sure you have everything you need before reaching your site. Throughout the day, check in on your trailer often. Act as soon as possible when you have to spread more salt or shovel snow to get ahead of any accumulation that may build up. Don’t forget to check inside your trailer, too. Water and mud can be tracked into restrooms, leaving the floor a muddy, yucky pool of unsafe, unsanitary, and unpleasant water. Mopping up excess water and dirt throughout the day keeps things tidy for your guests and allows for easier clean-up at the end of the day. This is primarily for anyone who owns a portable restroom trailer, but it’s always a good idea to check rentals as well: Check the roofs of your units for any leaks that may need patching up, and in cold weather, check pipes to make sure they haven’t frozen. Check air conditioning units to ensure they are working properly. These issues aren’t too common, as trailers can withstand all types of weather, but they are important to look out for so that you can take care of them before they become a significant problem. If you have a trailer equipped with air conditioning, check in on your heaters throughout the day. Keeping your guests warm when the weather is cold and wet is a common courtesy, but it prevents those pipes from freezing over and bursting, as we mentioned earlier. Don’t Let Weather Spoil Your Plans Bad weather doesn’t have to mean that your plans need to change, your event canceled, or your site closed down. With proper preparation and maintenance, you can use your mobile restroom trailer in the worst conditions with no worries.
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