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We know that you want a trustworthy partner that has a wide range of trailer options with transparent pricing. You also want a durable trailer that was made right here in the USA. You deserve to be treated like the very best client every time you interact with us. We have helped thousands of businesses, municipalities, and event planners by providing the perfect trailer for their needs.

Whether you buy or rent from us, you will experience 5-star service. With new purchases, you receive our industry-leading buy-back policy. With our large, experienced rental team, we provide you with complete service and support. All the information you need to make the right decision is at your fingertips. With over 15 years of producing and renting the most durable and attractive trailers let Portable Restroom Trailers put you first.

Top Quality, Transparent Pricing, Trusted Support. Portable Restroom Trailers.


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    Luxury Portable Bathrooms Elevate Guest Experience
    As an attendee or an event planner, there is something that is truly unique about the atmosphere of a formal event. Everyone arrives dressed in their best, the food and drinks are some of the most delicious that catering has to offer, and a significant amount of thought goes into event design. There is a sense of “je ne sais...
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    Bathroom Rentals for Halloween Events
    Spooky season is upon us! Costumes are flying off the racks, parties are being planned, pumpkin patches are stocked and ready to supply decorations for many, and pumpkin spice is in the air. For those of us who like getting in the festive spirit, Halloween is one of those fun celebrations that allows for creativity, both in the home and...
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    Bathroom Trailer Rentals for Griffin Gate Marriott Resort
    An unforgettable part of every travel experience is the hotel you stay in. Ranging from well-designed minimalism to over-the-top exciting and colorful decor, hotels around the world take pride in creating an ambiance that can elevate any travel lover’s time away from home. We love working with the hospitality and tourism industry, often supplying a range of tools, from laundry...
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