Restroom Trailers for Schools

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Restroom Trailers for Schools

Every year, near the end of July and beginning of August, the inevitable happens. Stores fill up with backpacks, notebooks, and more as the country gears up for back to school! Don’t get us wrong, there is usually still plenty of summer heat out there to squeeze out a few more fun moments in the sun, but it’s time to start thinking about the school year to come, and portable restrooms can help.

Restroom Solutions for School Campuses

For many school teachers, groundskeepers, sanitation staff, and more, this means preparing the school campus for the arrival of hundreds, even thousands, of students per day. As campuses begin to prepare, we want to remind them that portable restrooms are here to support. For most, our trailers are an easy and affordable way to upgrade restroom options. For others, renovations will still be underway as the school year begins, and an alternate restroom option is necessary.

Restroom Trailers for Schools On a Strict Budget

Many schools must follow strict budgets to ensure each student has what they need, and this includes facilities management. For many schools, restroom access is high priority. Young students are still learning to listen to their bodies, and restroom use is often urgent. There is also such a large volume of students on campuses that large bathrooms are a necessity.

Restroom Trailers for Facility Members & Students

Restroom Trailers for Facility Members & Students

Restroom Trailers for Facility Members & Students

It is also crucial to have a restroom option for the adults on campus. Children tend to be, in all honesty, messy! As adults, we prefer a tidier restroom experience, and it also provides an added safety measure to have the adult restroom separate from the kids. Providing a restroom option on campus for adults definitely comes with its perks.

Portable Bathroom for K-12 & College Campuses

No matter what the need may be, we are equipped to supply your campus with the portable restroom trailers you need to kick off a successful year. We have worked with every school level and heard the needs that each campus has, from elementary to college.

Portable Restrooms Available for Schools:

  • We have a variety of shower trailers available to support bustling locker rooms and sports facilities
  • Explore ADA options to provide an inclusive portable restroom experience for your students and staff
  • See our large portable restrooms for big campuses that need to support hundreds of students a day

Many times, brick-and-mortar restrooms can’t handle the large volume of students, and a restroom expansion is simply out of the budget. That’s why we are always willing to work with schools and their budgets to provide portable restrooms when they are needed. Browse the options above, then contact us when you are ready to purchase the perfect portable restroom for your campus!

School Bathroom Solutions

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