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When you are looking for a mobile restroom, shower, ADA Compliant, or laundry solution, you want options. Portable Restroom Trailers is delivering just that with a new line of custom-designed restrooms and ADA Compliant restroom trailers with Satellite restrooms Trailers. Three things come to mind when we think about Satellite Restroom Trailers, cutting-edge accessibility accommodations, premium, durable materials, and a constant supply chain.


Cutting-Edge Accessibility Accommodations

When it comes to building to meet ADA compliance standards in all 50 US States, Satellite Restroom Trailers delivers. Satellite restroom trailers’ designers stay up-to-date with ADA compliance standards in all 50 states and usually are first in the industry to make changes to their designs. The goal is to offer a product that is not only easy for the operator to maneuver but most importantly for the guest with special needs to navigate. 


Premium, Durable Construction Materials

Satellite Restroom Trailers uses only premium construction materials that last for years to come, they guarantee it with a 3-year warranty. The exterior consists of gel-coated fiberglass exterior walls and roof. Satellite is one of the few manufacturers that offers a one-piece gel-coated fiberglass roof. The insulated interior walls and trim, premium cabinets, sinks, and fixtures offer a durable, yet stylish, interior that withstands high-traffic applications for years to come. 


Constant Supply Chain

To increase supply to meet the constantly increasing demand, Satellite Restroom Trailers automated a portion of their production line. They purchased equipment that would allow them to increase wall production, general building proficiency, and increase the supply chain. These improvements allowed Satellite Restroom Trailers to increase production by 64%, making Satellite Restroom Trailers one of the most reliable supply chain manufacturers in the industry.

Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to partner with Satellite Restroom Trailers to offer you a Portable Restroom Trailers custom-designed, solid industry option for portable bathroom trailers, ADA restroom trailers, and more. 

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