Restroom Trailers for Camping

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Restroom Trailers for Camping

Hard workers and families everywhere are getting excited for time off, whether that’s at the local community pool or on a destination island. A favorite for many is visiting a national park or private campsite. From night time bonfires to dipping in a pristine lake, it’s no wonder why so many people look forward to the annual camping trip. We have designed portable bathrooms that are perfect for supporting adventures in nature.


Families, friends, and organizations around the country are always filled with excitement when it’s time to plan the annual camping trip. We have provided portable bathrooms at some of the most beautiful places, all too precious to dig up for permanent plumbing system installations. Park rangers and managers are always eager to find solutions that don’t change the nature we all yearn to experience and preserve.

A part of the camping experience is sacrificing those everyday amenities we’ve grown so accustomed to. Electricity, sinks with hot running water, and other perks of home are simply unavailable when living deep in the heart of Mother Nature. While this can be a fun and exploratory adventure, some things are simply too precious to sacrifice.

That’s where portable bathrooms come in. If you are a parks or campsite manager, one huge perk that you can offer is a clean and accessible restroom option. Many campsites simply can’t afford brick-and-mortar options, so our restroom trailer rentals act as perfect solutions.

Portable Restroom Trailers for Campgrounds

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Benefits of Portable Restroom Trailers

Below, find restroom trailers that we recommend for campsite facilities, then browse the entire collection to find the ideal match for your needs!

Take a look and see which portable bathrooms would be an ideal fit for you:

  • Affordable Advantage restroom trailers are designed with the highest quality materials at low market prices
  • We have a variety of shower trailers available to support staff working during those warm weather months.
  • Explore ADA options to provide an inclusive portable restroom experience for your guests
  • Take a look at the Tradewinds collection for a more upscale, glamping experience!


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We pride ourselves on creating portable bathrooms that are like no other in our industry. These restroom trailers are equipped with all of the amenities of a brick and mortar bathroom and we put an emphasis on ambiance and clean design as well. We encourage you to take the time to browse our large inventory - we have a variety of portable bathrooms that are unique to every need. 

If you are ready to book your portable bathroom, contact us! Our sales team is on standby and ready to help you make your decision. Feel free to take time to browse our rental inventory to see if a temporary option is a better fit for your need.


Benefits of Portable Restrooms For Camping

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