Restroom Trailer Rental with Smarter App

Work SMARTER, Not Harder

The NEW MOBILE APP will help you remotely:

  • Monitor waste and fresh water tank levels
  • Control interior climate
  • Monitor power source
  • Geo track unit locations at street level
  • NEW Additional Option: Lock and unlock doors for security

Portable Restroom Trailers are mobile, self-sustaining sanitation facilities. While compact, these units are also complex. Companies with one or more portable restroom trailers could greatly benefit from the enhanced intelligence and maintenance features available from the Smarter Restrooms App.

This industry-changing innovation uses a map to assess the location of each trailer in a fleet. Businesses can set up multiple geographic zones that trigger an alert if/when a restroom trailer enters or exits a zone. In addition, the Smarter Restrooms App will trigger text and email alerts related to any undesired activity on the tracked trailers. It is an ideal solution to simplify fleet management and protect your restroom trailer investment.

Smartphone Smarter Restroom App Geo
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